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Thrasher's armory


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Thrasher's armory

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  • Author strukto
  • Uploaded 01-19-2014, 05:59 AM
  • Last Updated 01-19-2014, 05:59 AM
  • Category Items (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 7357


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In all my years of playing games like Diablo 2 and Torchlight there were always two things that kept sparking my interest and made me come back to them every time, the loot and the skill combinations!

And so many times I found items unfamiliar to me, even after many years!

Torchlight 2 is the ultimate game in this genre, and the loot drops are plentiful, however because of that you will have found most rare and unique items after a few playthroughs.
This mod aims to change that for a bit, the goal is simple, to add more loot!

In this mod you will find a lot of totally new items, weapons, armour, even socketables are added at least once a week.
Also a lot of items can be found that may be familiar to you, taking inspiration from other games in the genre.
I emphasize inspiration here, you will not find any plagiarized or stolen items or artwork, everything is either from the original Torchlight franchise or HANDDRAWN!!

to my knowledge there is no other mod out there that has that, and I truly hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoy creating it.

have fun!

- StrUktO

[WARNING! this mod started as something among friends, because of that there are a few items containing inside jokes and dutch language, they are a minority though, I hope you won't mind!]

special thanks go out to Bandit for the Transmuter Expansion mod, to Phanjam for the meshes on the glass weaponry and to Zyph and the Far East team for the nodachi mesh on Caradine's Walking Stick

item list available on request



v 1.1
- added the following items:
Unique helmet - Wolfhowl
Unique polearm - Soul Harvest
Unique axe - Shining Headbasher
Rare wand - Ladies Tasergun of Getoffme!
Rare wand - Ladies Handbag Size Tasergun
Rare wand - Enforcer's Tasergun
Rare wand - Enforcer's Tasergun of Straightwalking
Unique wand - Ladies Tasergun of the Queen
Unique wand - Enforcer's Tasergun of Stop and Drop
Legendary wand - Tasergun of the Hero

v 1.1b
- changed the icons on the following items:
The Chieftain
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Soul Harvest
Sander's Folly set

v 1.1c
- increased the damage on the 'Walk as many, stand as one' set
- solved a problem with the displaying of icons, they used to expand when taken from the inventory, now they won't do that anymore
- customized some more icons (all done now)
- made some balancing changes to the following items:
all chromosomes
all lotus petals
Black Lotus
Sander's Tooth
Helmet of Sharkee's Rage
- changed the drop and damage balance on almost all items
- changed the description on Torchlight 1 and Diablo 2 inspired gear

v 1.2
- added: Unique boots - Icarus' Boots

v 1.2b
- added the following items:
Unique Staff - Eye of Etlich
Unique 2 handed Mace - Legendary Godhammer
Zoromun's Bulwark Set (Torchlight 1 inspired)
Unique Polearm - Zoromun's Cleave
Unique Belt - Zoromun's Fancy
Unique Chest Armor - Zoromun's Ideal
Unique Helmet - Zoromun's Insight
Unique Gloves - Zoromun's Manipulators
Unique Ring - Zoromun's Aim
Unique Ring - Zoromun's Resistance
Unique Ring - Zoromun's Strength
Unique Ring - Zoromun's Wisdom
Unique Polearm - Epic Zoromun's Cleave
Unique Belt - Epic Zoromun's Fancy
Unique Chest Armor - Epic Zoromun's Ideal
Unique Helmet - Epic Zoromun's Insight
Unique Gloves - Epic Zoromun's Manipulators
Unique Ring - Epic Zoromun's Aim
Unique Ring - Epic Zoromun's Resistance
Unique Ring - Epic Zoromun's Strength
Unique Ring - Epic Zoromun's Wisdom

v 1.2c
- balanced the Horrorshow-set a bit better

v 1.3
- added the following items:
Normal Polearm - Sovnya
Magic Polearm - Sovnya of Fire
Magic Polearm - Sovnya of Ice
Magic Polearm - Sovnya of Lightning
Magic Polearm - Sovnya of Poison
Unique Polearm - Awesome Sovnya
Unique Polearm - Ridiculous Sovnya
Unique Polearm - Proposterous Sovnya
Unique Polearm - Outrageous Sovnya

v 1.4
- added a new socketable: Skull of Aryuhn
- added a recipe by Bandit to create the unique socketable 'Black Lotus' from the eight ´Lotus Petals´

v 1.4a
- added the following items:
Unique Shotgonne - Thrasher's Gun of Reverse Psychology
Unique Socketable - Skull of Szandor
- balanced the 'Zoromun's Bulwark' set

v 1.5
added the following items
- Unique 2 Handed Axe - Keenfire
- Unique 2 Handed Sword - Elven Greatsword of Light

v 1.6
included the 'Transmuter Expansion' mod by Bandit to make his 'Black Lotus' recipe work
and possibly include more 4+ ingredient recipes in the future

v 1.6b
included all 'Rainbow Redux' resource mods by Xalderon

v 1.6c
- changed the Nether Genome (Chromosomes) and Mycon Spore socketables so they now have affixes properly displaying for armor and weapon affixes
- increased the drop weight of the Mycon Spores from 5% to 20%
- added a new recipe, all four Mycon Spores combined now result in the legendary socketable 'Mycon Mycelium'

v 1.6d
- added two new items:
legendary socketable - Lotus Ember
legendary socketable - Mycon Powershroom

- added two new recipes:
2x Mycon Mycelium and 1x Black Lotus result in Mycon Powershroom
2x Black Lotus and 1x Mycon Mycelium result in Lotus Ember

v 1.7
- rebalanced the sander's folly set
- changed the icons on the following items:
unique shotgonne - killaman
unique boots - icarus boots
polearm - sovnya

added the following items:
unique polearm - sovnya of the soldier
epic sovnya of the soldier
sovnya of the thrasher
rare polearm - sovnya of the bear
sovnya of the bull
sovnya of the master
sovnya of the savage
sovnya of the tiger
sovnya of the vampire
sovnya of the wizard
sovnya of venom creek
unique belt - thrasher's lucky belt (does not drop)

added a new recipe:
- 1 iron ember, 1 blood ember & 1 void ember combined now result in 'thrasher's lucky belt'

v. 1.71
added the following items:
Unique Ring - Thrasher's Lucky Ring (does not drop)
Rare Ring - Grell's Stratagem
Grundig's Knuckle
Rare Necklace - Bloodleather Amulet
Unique Ring - Obscure Ring
Grand Architect Ring
Unique Necklace - Merciless Amulet
Spellweaver Amulet
Machine Forged Amulet
Plainslord Amulet
Incubus Talisman

added a new recipe:
1blood ember, 1 void ember & 1 chaos ember now result in 'Thrasher's Lucky Ring'

v 1.71a
changed the flavor texts on the lotus petals to make their separate identities more obvious
they are now much easier distinguishable for the 'Black Lotus' recipe

v 1.72
added the following items:

- Unique Set: the disciple
Unique Necklace - telling of beads
Unique Gloves - laying of hands
Unique Chest - dark adherent
Unique Boots - rite of passage
Unique Belt - credendum
- Unique Set - the man with the iron fists
Unique Fist - iron fists

added the following recipes for synergies players having decreased gem drops:
1 chaos ember and 1 other socketable now result in void ember
1 chaos ember and 1 one handed sword now result in blood ember
1 chaos ember and 1 polearm now result in iron ember

v 1.73

added the following items:

Unique fist - glass claw
Unique fist - glass quhab
Unique fist - glass toothrattler

v 1.73b

added the following items:
Unique belt - midas belt
Unique ring - midas ring
Unique staff - caradine's walking stick
Unique greathammer - glass hammer
Unique greataxe - glass axe

made changes to the taserguns
- upped the damage
- changed the mesh
- added a longstun affix to each one

changed the drop sound on the glass fists

v 1.74

added the following items:

Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Ram
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of Resistance
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Battlements
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Bear
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Cheetah
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Drake
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Elephant
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Mage
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Miser
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Mule
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Owl
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Sage
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Savant
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Seeker
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of theStorms
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of Thorns
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Turtle
Normal Boots - Fly Boots of the Winds

v 1.75

- all Torchlight I inspired items now have their original models

- added the following items:
Unique 1h mace - Galactic Battlestar
Unique 1h mace - Epic Galactic Battlestar


- all icons have been given a black background, a lot of them have been redrawn
- most diablo 2 inspired items now have their original icon
- added a new socketable needed for most thrasher's armory recipes: ember granulate
it can only be obtained by transmuting a socketable with a greathammer (2h mace)
- added the ingredient to all existing recipes except for the ones creating 'mycon mycelium' and 'black lotus'
- fixed a bug where mycon mycelium could be transmuted using any four chaos embers, all four mycon spores are now needed
- rebalanced all items that needed rebalancing in my opinion

v 2.01

- the recipe to transmute the ember granulate now requires 3 socketables and 1 2h mace (greathammer)

- the following socketables now have their own unit type: lotus petals, mycon spores, nether chromosomes
resulting in a change in the black lotus and mycon mycelium recipes
* 8 lotus petals of any type + 1 ember granulate result in Black Lotus
making black lotus the first 9 ingredient recipe ever
* all 4 mycon spores + 1 ember granulate result in Mycon Mycelium

- all nether chromosomes have been given an individual icon

- the following items have been added:
Unique socketable - The Nether DNA Code
Legendary socketable - The Book of Nether Biology

- the following recipes have been added:
* 8 nether chromosomes of any type + 1 ember granulate result in The Nether DNA Code
* 3 nether DNA codes + 1 black lotus + 1 mycon mycelium + 1 ember granulate result in The Book of Nether Biology

kudos to Bandit for helping me with 4+ ingredient recipes and the new unit types

v 2.02

- lowered the drop chance of lotus petals
- substantially lowered the bonuses on Black Lotus
- Ember Granulate is available from general and gem vendors
- Mycon Spores have been given their own icon

v 2.03

- lowered the drop rate of midas belts and rings

- added recipe: the torcher, to deepen the recipe system even more and make it start at earlier levels

1 vanquisher arrow tip, 1 fire trap fragment, 1 shock trap fragment and 1 ember granulate result in 'the torcher'

- added the following items:

magic socketable - vanquisher arrow tip
magic socketable - fire trap fragment
magic socketable - shock trap fragment
legendary socketable - the torcher (does not drop)
magic boots - randomized fly boots
unique boots - randomized fly boots
magic wand - randomized taser gun
unique wand - randomized taser gun
magic polearm - randomized sovnya
unique polearm - randomized sovnya
unique staff - staff of the firewitch
unique 2h mace - lesser wraith lord's hammer
unique 2h mace - greater wraith lord's mace
unique shield - the gladiator
unique wand - catfood

v 2.03b

- fixed a bug where players lost all their points invested in blazing pillars and immolation aura

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