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    Changing Music in Torchlight

    I havn't been playing the game for to long (2-6 hours) but the songs to me get to me after spending hours in dungeons.. the same thing just loops and loops.. drives me mad.. so i went on a search to find out how to change the music.. now apparently google couldnt find any results so i went at it by myself and i have been successful!
    all the music that is played through the game is found here:
    C:\Program Files\Runic Games\Torchlight\music
    and they are all in ogg format. also they are all named specifically.. mines, lava, crypt etc. so all we have to do is 1. change a regualr mp3 song into ogg format, and 2 replace the original file with our convertered file and change the name
    Lets begin!
    1.) we will need a mp3 to ogg converter i recommended this http://www.any-audio-converter.com/ its also freeware so need to pay for anything!
    2.) after installing convert your desired mp3 file into ogg
    3.) locate your newly created ogg file and rename it to the place you want it to play.. for example if you don't like the mines music to much change your song title from "50 cent- money" to "Mines"
    4.) go to
    C:\Program Files\Runic Games\Torchlight\music
    and locate your Mines song file and save it! just incase anything happens its best to have the original format.. now replace the Mines song with your new Mines song(orignally 50 cent)
    5.) launch game.. and go into the mines to see if it works!
    6.) enjoy

    The only know bugs that i know about this is that wen the song starts it creates a Beep static sound only for a brief second.. and also everytime the song loops.. songs should loop automatically so make sure u either rly like the song alot! or its a very long song!! please any feedback questions feel free to email me post or msg me

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    Re: Changing Music in Torchlight

    That is an awesome guide! I was just thinking today about wanting to try putting some special music into the game.

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    Re: Changing Music in Torchlight

    The odds are good they're saving most of the music for launch. I just turn my music volume down and listen to music via Spotify. While that's a great guide it's probably easier for people to do that.

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