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    TorchFull Final Comments Thread

    DragonDawn has just uploaded TorchFull Final!

    Want a better, fuller experience with Torchlight II without giving up the vanilla feel, having OP mods, or experiencing unbalanced game play in general? TorchFull is here to give a "full" experience instead of a half-baked one.

    What this mod will aim to include is the biggest selection of vanilla stat pets, new and expanded maps, tons of new balanced weapons, convenient changes in general, and so... (continued here)

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    Question Re: TorchFull Final Comments Thread

    Hello, I'm having a problem with getting the modpack to work and i wound apreciate if someone could help me...
    I don't have a lot of experience with modding in torchlight 2... I followed the basic steps the game has but still I can't get it to work...
    I downloaded the file posted on this website, it came as a .mod file which is the same as all the other mods i had downloaded before so i thought it would be easy, I moved the file to the mod folder in my documents and opened the modlauncher.exe that comes with the game, changed my load order but it doesnt matter what I do, the modpack isn't working, even if i disable every mod expect the modpack it still doesnt work. I even tried using moddrop, perhaps the modpack was made for moddrop and cant work otherwise but still it didnt work...
    Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps the modpack doesn't work with the latest version of the game (probably not because it was updated recently) or are there needed mods for the modpack to run? I dont know what to do about it and will wait patiently for a responce...

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