For the past several days I was learning how to make any monster in the game playable, and after many trials and errors I finally succeeded. Therefore, I want to share my work with you.

I made two new playable classes, The Artificer and Netherlord. Not only that they come in their full size , but they also have all of their original animations, skills, sounds, weapons and so much more..

Here are the pictures:

New playable classes (bosses): The Artificer and Netherlord-netherlord1-jpgNew playable classes (bosses): The Artificer and Netherlord-netherlord2-jpgNew playable classes (bosses): The Artificer and Netherlord-artificer1-jpgNew playable classes (bosses): The Artificer and Netherlord-artificer2-jpg

So, it's basically a mod where you can play the whole game as a boss. You can level up, wear every single ring, amulet, armor piece and weapon.

Unlike some other mods where you can play bosses, my mod doesn't have any flaws.. You can use both left and right attack, either with weapon or unarmed.

So far everything works perfectly, Netherlord is a very big and playing him in dungeons and tight places may be difficult, but I did not want to change his size, I like him more this way to be honest. I am currently playing with Artificer in Act II, also without any problems so far.

I will upload video of my gameplay very soon.