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    Is Uninstalling GUTS safe? If Yes, How?

    When GUTS unpacked 4GBs of files that took 2 hours for me, I just later learned I could actually fit less than 10 mods into my mod folder due to me finding a mod compilation pack with most of what I need. I want to remove GUTS because 4GBs are actually significant since it's quite bigger than the game itself lol. Now I just want to make sure I don't delete the wrong folders/files in my directory...

    I feel like GUTS' files is only in the MEDIA folder in my Torchlight 2 directory but it's only 3.4 GB. Are there other files or folders that belong to GUTS and are they all safe to delete?
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    Re: Is Uninstalling GUTS safe? If Yes, How?

    Hi RenzXVI. You installed GUTS via Steam? You can also uninstall it via Steam. Go to the "Tools" section in your library, right-click GUTS and select "Uninstall".

    And yes it's safe to do this

    Is Uninstalling GUTS safe? If Yes, How?-guts_uninstall-png

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