I made a custom edit of "Scrolls2Spells" Inventory mod (by Valdr). [Back in 2011.]
The original moves Potions, Town Portal, and Identify scrolls to Spells tab; and increases stack size to 200.

Here are the issues:
1) Potions can not be put on hotbar.
To do so, I must switch to a mod version that leaves potions in the equips tab. Change hotbar. Then switch back to main mod.
(This requires dumping potions & scrolls to Stash, and restarting twice.)

2) Adventurer Skill - You do not benefit from the potion effectiveness +%.

Can someone please help me to correct these flaws? I was only using TorchED at an amateur level, and that was when it was fresh in my mind, years ago.
I wasn't sure what value I was missing in order to fix things.

Thank you.

Part of my edit includes:
It places several Fish items in Spells tab so that they work on player character, properly. (instead of pet.)
Also, increased max stack size of all fish items to 200.