With the new game coming soon I felt it appropriate to take a look back at the first game in the series. Often overshadowed by its sequel I feel it's still worth showing a little love. Speaking for myself I play this game at least a few times a year for nostalgia's sake. Back in 2009 I spotted it on Steam's main page. In fact I almost passed it by but I clicked back because I liked the color scheme and the name. Unfortunately I was dealing with a ton of medical bills at the time and couldn't afford it. Even more unfortunately I gave in to temptation and torrented it. After playing it a few hours the joy of how much I loved it combined with my feelings of guilt motivated me to apologize to Runic on their forum. They were kind enough to forgive me and that began my long-time involvement in the Torchlight community. It was a big part of my life for awhile and to be honest still is. I've made a lot of friends because of it hence why I've never installed it or my mods, still have all my characters and play it for at least a few hours a year. Usually around Halloween.