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  1. Re: HotSpot can't uninstall some mods and shows them as unsupported

    Thank you, i wasn't sure about that so i preferred to ask, as they say, better safe than sorry
  2. Sticky: Re: Introduction Post! Welcome to our humble forums!

    Hi again guys!! I already presented myself but here i think i will talk about my gaming history...

    Unlike most of you i'm new to Runic world, never played mythos and this is my first time with...
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    Re: Hello Everyone!!!

    Thank you Phanjam, i'm sure about it, even if my first issue/question may have been already asked before (no results through search engine though) someone will kindly help me :icon_e_biggrin:
  4. HotSpot can't uninstall some mods and shows them as unsupported

    Hi everyone!!
    Like i said in my presentation, i'm new to Torchlight's world and to mods too... So forgive me if this issue has already been discussed but i found nothing through search, only similar...
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    Hello Everyone!!!

    Hi guys,
    i'm new to this site and to torchlight's world, i was skeptic about the game some years ago but after trying the demo i decided i wanted to try it, so i'm starting my new adventure!!
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