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  • We Are Giving Away More Torchlight Frontiers Alpha Keys!

    Have you had no luck in getting into the Torchlight Frontiers Alpha tests so far? Well here is another chance for you! We're giving away Alpha keys in a brand new way, and showing support to this fansite's sole backer: ModDrop!

    For those of you who don't know, our site has existed for years now purely on giving free unlimited access to our Torchlight 1 and 2 mods, and ModDrop is our beautiful Mod Manager, replacing old abandoned community projects like Torchleech and HotSpot. Torchlight Frontiers may not have mod support yet, but if they end up supporting UI Mods as many other MMOs do you can bet we'll be on top of that! ModDrop also supports many games, but that is where we get into the details of the contest!

    For roughly the next two days, all you need to do is like ModDrop's Facebook page, and comment on the page with either a new game you would like to see support for, or if you have already tried it tell us the feature you like best! Heck, I'll even be lenient and say you can suggest new features for ModDrop!

    Final detail! We have a small number of keys so far (courtesy of Max and Hobbs at Echtra!), but I've request a lot more, so if they arrive in time we could be giving away over twenty keys! Final numbers will come once the contest ends.