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  • State of the Site, July 2018

    Would you believe an entire month has already passed from the LAST state of the site? It's as if time passes at a uniform rate that is exactly the same as the previous month!

    So let's get right into it. What happened during the past month of June, 2018?

    Not much?

    Ok, if you followed the Twitter or Facebook pages, you might have noticed that I live about 2 km from the epicenter of that nice big M6.1 earthquake that hit Japan last month. That seriously derailed me personally. I now live in a building where there are large cracks and fist-sized chunks missing in parts of the walls of my apartment building, and the outer stairs are half crumbled away. I might need to move, honestly. Basically between the fear of a larger quake and primal levels of fear in the night (the first few nights had a LOT of aftershocks) for myself and my family I really didn't have the drive to do anything for a solid week there.

    But let's put aside the fact that June was a slow month, ignore July altogether, and look to the future.

    Next month RGF is TEN YEARS OLD!!!!


    We actually outlasted the company I named the fansite after. Bittersweet as that is, I've got some cool things in the works for the anniversary, so be sure to come back next month!

    Oh, and you MIGHT expect a little downtime at some point in July for some site upgrades. I will try to give you all notice.