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  • June 2018: State of the Site

    Welcome all, to this month's S-O-S! (Yeah, I went with the acronym after all).
    This month's SOS topics include: HTTPS, Mod Spotlight locations, TorchModders!

    First off, as the previous post indicated, we are now totally and completely HTTPS secure! The only time you should get any kind of warning now is if there is something on a page that is loading from an outside source, such as linking an image from another site. If you find anything that is giving you errors/warnings, let me know! Since I'm not infallible, there's always the possibility that you will find something using an outdated http:// link, in which case: LET ME KNOW!

    Meanwhile, did you know I recently started expanding the locations of our mod spotlights? Here are your options if you want to get a mod suggested to you several times a week:

    Note that Pinterest Mod Spotlights only happen when a mod has images to go with it. If anyone would like to volunteer to play mods and take screenshots, that would be really cool! Actually, I am considering spending some time later on converting some of our ANCIENT image galleries to Pinterest boards... we'll see.

    In other news, I would really like to spotlight an amazing group of modders that are core to our community: TorchModders! Literally some of the best talent that still hangs around here are on that site, as well as in their Discord server. They could use a little help paying for the server bills, so if you have buck, perhaps pass it along?

    That's it for June! See you again soon! Next Moon! While watching a cartoon! (I got carried away by the end there)
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    1. Phanjam's Avatar
      Phanjam -
      @Webbstre we cant thank u enough for the mention! Youre a class act / Long Live RGF-ModDrop!