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  • HTTPS and You!

    Hello all!

    This is a heads up to let you know we're in the process of changing the site over to a nice https connection. That basically means your logins are more secure, as well as any information going between you and the site. On some pages there may be warnings from your browser or Google about the content on the site including unsecure elements. That's basically caused by older links in various places of the site that are basically regular http urls being used. That is what I'm going to be spending the next week hunting down and updating, at which point you should be getting a nice little mark in your browser that looks like a lock, meaning your data is safely locked down.

    As for WHY we're doing this when we never needed in before, it's basically because Google is in the process of phasing out non https results from its search results, and because of the warnings in various browsers that may scare off less informed people.

    I'll make an update later when we're "Done" so you can report anything you find after that point!