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  • A Humble Hob Review

    Look at that world. This is just a tiny fraction of the massive mechanical continent's beauty in Runic Games' latest masterpiece, Hob (Available today on Steam, Playstation 4, and GoG). Hob is an amazing mix of adventure, puzzle, and old school 3D platformer that constantly makes you switch from obsessing how amazing the visuals and music to pulling out your hair because you missed an important jump or can't find the path to the next area.

    You play a possibly unnamed cloaked character. If you follow the four page prelude comic you will know that your character is the latest (possibly last) in a string of potential heroes to be awoken. Most (or maybe all) of them died unpleasantly, and your own fate is uncertain as rather quickly things take a dramatic turn. From there you gather health and energy power-ups, get collectibles to upgrade your skills, collect pieces to get better weapons and unlock upgrades to your mechanical arm, somewhat in the style of a Metroid/Zelda game. There isn't really any dialogue, and as you are basically alone it's not necessary either. The game is really just a good, old fashioned adventure that will suck you in but doesn't feel exactly like anything you've played before.

    In case the tease to other adventure games intrigues you, Hob is definitely a game people will be trying to speed-run for years to come. Currently the record that I've seen is around 3 hours, which is pretty amazing considering I've played for much longer than that at my own pace and don't feel anywhere near finished with the game. In fact, during the beta test (which took place privately starting the Thursday before launch day) dozens of members of the Runic Games Discord server helped to find bugs, broken sections, exploits, and unintended shortcuts and help Runic fix them all. Some of those shortcuts were left in intentionally by the level designers specifically for speed-runners to exploit. But if you still find a bug, feel free to let Runic Games know via any number of their contact outlets (such as support@runicgames.com).

    There's not much more I can say now, so take the plunge and get the game today! It will be releasing in roughly three hours on Steam and GoG, and is already out for the Playstation 4! If you play it on your PC, be sure to hook up any old controller you have around, because it should work! I only play Hob on an old XBox 360 controller, which is unusual because I typically prefer mouse and keyboard on my PC.

    Final Notes! If you're a long time visitor here at RGF you know we typically support the mods for Runic's Torchlight series, and while Hob does not officially support modding, we will be helping in case people want to try to do some unofficial modding to their game, not to mention trying to get some of the amazing creations from Hob into your old copies of Torchlight or Torchlight 2! Be sure to check out the site in the coming days for updates!

    Other Final Note! We'll be bringing our wiki back online in the next day or so, so if you want to help update it for Hob, go ahead! Walkthroughs are also welcome, as I know I had trouble and needed to ask people for help here and there while playing the game!

    Disclaimer: This article was not paid for by anyone, though I did receive early access to Hob several times. The game is great, go play it! The pictures used were screenshots from the beta from the Discord channel that people selected on their own to show off amazing scenery. There are lots more places like them in the game!