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Vanquisher "Catsuit" Mesh


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Vanquisher "Catsuit" Mesh

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EDIT (May18,2011)
There is a better version of this mesh made by ReggiWatson. Better because he has combined it with proper animation files and a new starting armor set into a complete mod. You can check it out here.


I found a modified mesh for the Vanquisher on another forum that changes the Vanquisher silhouette to what is essentially a catsuit (no skirt and no hanging cape at the back).

The mod maker's name is "Demolos" and I asked him for permission to share his mesh outside of its original forum and with the wider torchlight modders community. My intention was to share the mesh specifically with artists making TL armor textures, because I thought they could get really creative with a mesh that did not have a skirt/cape! With a mesh like that, you can put jeans on your vanquisher, or even shorts a-la Lara Croft!

Anyway, Demolos very graciously agreed! So you can download the .rar file below, containing just the modified vanquisher.MESH file.

26 July 2010: Demolos also provided this wireframe of his mesh (will try to get a higher resolution version too).

Here are some screenshots (taken from behind some cave walls using TorchCam to zoom in).

Artists may find the mesh picks up textures differently than the way the standard vanquisher mesh does, specially where the skirt/cape vertices have been re-worked. I'm not a 3D modeller so I can't help you resolve issues like that, but I will try to invite Demolos into this forum so that he can answer questions.

I hope a lot of artists end up making a lot of new outfit textures for this mesh! Enjoy!

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