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Thoughtcrime's Enhanced Retex


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Thoughtcrime's Enhanced Retex

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Admin Note: This mod has been uploaded locally on behalf of the author. The upload limits were temporarily raised to accommodate the file sizes.

This mod is large (~350mb), but enhances all of the textures in the game world. I didn't want to completely scrap the artists' work, but I wanted to add a bit of depth to the game's textures. I think this is a fair balance. Feel free to offer feedback. I will add some screenshots tomorrow. It's late, and time to rest.

This mod is certainly in a beta state, and some things may occasionally look ugly. Please feel free to leave some feedback if you have a problem.

**Since file size limit is 100mb, and this retexture is ~600 MB, I've had to host it externally. I may look into packaging it in pieces like I did on Steam, but I will have to build it in pieces specifically for hotspot. I want to get to a final version before I do that. If there are still bugs, I have to hunt through more folders to find them when it's in a lot of pieces.**

Same as every other mod, unzip and put in mods folder (wherever you have it).

Same as well, delete files

Works with all mods unless they change texture files, then you have to raise the priority of the mod you want to display.
post-GUTS compatible

Change log:
Added full versions for Runic and Steam versions. *Refer to file names for which version you need. *If you have problems, please report them to my steam comments, I get those much more regularly: *http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=136189289

Known Issues:
- There are things I don't expect.

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