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This mod was converted from a .PAK file and uploaded as a .MOD file by a community volunteer. The .MOD file will work with all current versions of the game, while other files in the list might not. Further maintenance of this mod will depend on the original author's involvement.

I changed the date on my mod to 2099 because people on my thread told me the mod didn't work when they updated to 1.13.*The mod should work for future updates. *PLEASE LET ME KNOW**on my thread up top.

First mod I have done and its a very simple mod that gives each class hairstyles from the other character classes (respectively)(Male/Female). I did NOT add male hairstyles to the females.*

Each character also has 18 Hair colors. The reason is because the Outlander*has 3 color sets for the bandanna hairstyle.

It was only right to add all 3 color sets for each character as well. Their original hair color has been removed because the Outlander has the same colors for each class. Its actually more of a*UNIVERSAL*hair color section.

If you're on a hairstyle which isn't the bandanna one, you have to cycle through the colors if your like 8/18 colors. You can go backward which is easier. 7-18 colors works with other hairstyles from Berserker class as well. You'll see what I mean.

I hope you all enjoy this mod.

This mod has an incompatiblity issue with any mod that changes the same files. Mainly any file in the "MEDIA\UNITS\PLAYERS" folder. I was basically testing another mod and when I put the PAK file in their (along with this All Hairstyles) PAK, it basically reverted back to normal but use my recent mod I had just added.

Meaning I only had 4 hairstyles for my Berserker which the new mod is for. I could use the same files and add the new mod to it (changes the Base File) so my new mod would have the changes plus the hairstyles.

All I can say is try your mods together. If they don't work its up to you to decide which ones to use.

Rate and reply if you would.

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