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General Passives (+2 and +1 Skill Point Versions)


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General Passives (+2 and +1 Skill Point Versions)

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Update [6-29-2013]: Updated to fixed versions 1.06 and 1.02.

Below is a lazy (mostly) copy of my steam workshop description, but in short this adds a new tab to all 4 base classes with 12 passives skills that have 5 tiers and a max level of 25. I have uploaded the Default Skill Point per Character Level and the 2 Skill Point per Character Level versions. The mirror links to the original editor files. Enjoy!

Adds 12 new passives that all 4 classes can use. Each passive skill has a maximum level of 25 and has 5 Skill Tiers, adding bonuses as you reach each tier.

Strength Bonus
Dexterity Bonus
Focus Bonus
Vitality Bonus
Luck Bonus
Speed Bonus
Defensive Bonus
Physical Bonus
Magical Bonus
Damage Bonus

If you are unaware, in order to use existing characters in a mod, you must move the character files stored on your harddrive to the User/Documents/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight II/Modsave folder.

General Passives has no planned future updates and may be a bit unbalanced for regular Torchlight II, as it is being used for The Fallen Guardians mod I am working on.

This mod can be unpaked and used with any mod you would like to publish, so long as it is not simply a duplicate of this.

For those having issues with the workshop .mod file and would like the original files, a download link is here.

Compatibility wise, this mod should work with any mod that does not alter the base class skill tree layout files.

If you have a custom character class and would like to add the General Passives Tab to that class, follow the steps below:

1. Unpak and Combine Files in the mod folder (You will have to update the path in the imageset files for the hud and skill icons if put in a different folder).

2. Open Players and under Skills add new and add all 12 passives bonuses, changing the Starting Level from -1 to 0.

3. Open the UI Editor and Open the Layout for any of the default class skill tree overrides.

4. Under SkillWindow/WindowCenter/Skills/Window/SkillsAndLogic/skillgroup copy the SkillPane4 and the Tab4 and paste (ctrl+c is the only way to copy and ctrl+v is the only way to paste in GUTS) them into the skill tree override for the custom class in the same section.

5. For the custom class skill tree override in the SkillWindow/WindowCenter/Skills/Window/SkillsAndLogic/ edit the SkillTabsLogic by selecting it and hitting View External Tool.

6. Move the new External Tool Window to the side and go back to the UI Editor. Click the SkillPane4 and Tab4 (Ctrl+Click to do them together) and then right click in the External Tool window to add Currently Selected Nodes.

7. Make the output for Tab4 Toggled On and the Inputs for SkillPane4 Show and Hide. You will then be able to connect the inputs and outputs from each tab to make it follow the logic of showing the SkillPane4 only when Tab4 is selected and otherwise hiding it (The defaults make this easier to see).

8. Save everything and reload. Your custom class should now have the General Passives Tab.

Thanks for trying it out and have fun. Please notify me if there are any bug fixes that are needed.

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