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This is a mod I made mostly for myself, and after making it, decided to share it.

What it does:
Removes weapon requirements from skills.
Removes cooldowns from skills.
Removes level requirements from skills.
Removes level and stat requirements from most items.
Makes the duration of most buff type skills 1hr.

Makes the mana cost of all skills 1.

*This mod WILL affect even custom classes/skill/items that use the default graphs to determine their requirements. If the mod uses custom graphs then this wont affect them. MOST mods use the default graphs.*

Why I made it.
I love having the freedom in games to do what I want, how I want, with whatever weapon I happen to like, or whatever I find with the best stats at the time. I find it silly to have weapon restrictions in any game with magic and fantasy creatures. I understand from a balance standpoint why some restrictions are viewed as necessary by game developers, but that just doesn't really matter to me.

In my head, the way I see it, if I know how to summon a meteor while holding a staff, equipping a bow/sword/axe/fist doesn't mysteriously make me forget how to summon a meteor.

An outlander can summon an infinite number of magical glaives of death instantly, nonstop, but doesn't know how to drop a venomous hail without a proper ranged weapon equiped!? Sure, you could try and argue that they're enchanting their ammo, but .... TL2 doesn't use ammo ...

It also annoyed me that there were no (or very very few) completely elemental damage 1h melee weapons. I love ravage on my berserker, and like 1h/shield for survivability, I couldn't use ravage with wand/shield and it annoyed me. I thought about creating a custom class of weapons called scepters to fill the gap, but decided it was easier to just remove the weapon requirements from skills. Sure, you argue that using a wand to perform a melee attack is silly, but, the game basically treats all skills as spells anyway so why should it matter?

Buff duration 1hr, quality of life change. As far as I'm concerned managing a buff with a 20sec duration and a 5sec cool down isn't "fun", and doesn't require "skill", it's just tedious and detracts from the action.

I made all the mana costs 1 for spells that are single cast, and 1mana/sec for channeled spells. Why? Well after completing the game numerous times, on numerous characters, on various difficulties, it dawned on me that every one of them had something in common. Highest rank of concentration I could find, with a couple pieces of mana regen gear, and a couple pieces with some decent +mana so I could cast what I want, when I want, how I want.

Even with the mana regen and the +mana gear though, some spells were just still not quite up to par in my view. For example, with embermages everyone knows prismatic bolts utterly decimate things, which is cool, but they have so many other spells that are fun, but can't use as a main nuke due to either cool down, or prohibitive mana costs, especially some of the ones in the lightning tree. This gives a lot more freedom on what you can feasibly use as a main attack. Ever play d2 as a charged bolt sorc with a lot of +skills and cover everything in a sea of lightning? Yeah, I used to love that, and now, with my mod, shocking bolts is similar, and a lot more fun in my opinion.

So yeah, there it is, that's what it does and why it does what it does. If it sounds interesting to you, give it a try, if you like it, cool, if not, also cool.

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