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Ability Spells (8 Added Spells)


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Ability Spells (8 Added Spells)

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Ability Spells are learnable spells that will give you added functionality in-game. They can be learned through their designated scrolls exclusive for your character only.

Absolute Block
Cast an ability to guarantee successful blocks. Each block drains your mana.
*Console Code: unit ability_block

Boundless Leap
Leap around the vicinity even the unreached.
*Console Code: unit ability_leap

Charge Buildup
Gradually fill up your Charge bar with the expense of your health.
*Console Code: unit ability_charge

Dodge Revenge (Passive)
A miss or dodge will create a counterattack on an enemy near you and each attack drains 20 points of your mana.
*Console Code: unit ability_dodge

Pet Teleport
Cast where you want your pet to be teleported.
*Console Code: unit ability_petmove

Quick Dash
Dash forward or through your opponents.
*Console Code: unit ability_dash

Spar Demon
Have a bout with this summon for 1 minute.
*Console Code: unit ability_spar

Switch Places
Switch places with your pet.
*Console Code: unit ability_switch

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