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Brother-in-Arms (Classic)


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Brother-in-Arms (Classic)

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  • Author doudley
  • Uploaded 06-11-2013, 07:23 PM
  • Last Updated 09-01-2018, 09:26 AM
  • Category Pets: New (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 12250


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Note: This is a reupload, the original upload date was February 9, 2013

This modification will allow you to use your pets be like your human characters, making them your Brother-In-Arms. With a human companion at your side, this will change the way you play the game. Allowing the possibilities of a mock up party hand-in-hand battles (CO-OP); intensive manageability of items and equipments; interchangeability of pets through Transformation Elixirs and boosting of pet's Innate Skills and Skill Spells with the new function of fishes.


NUMBER 1: NEVER put weapons on your animal pet or you will make the game, crash.

NUMBER 2: Item comparison doesn't work properly anymore. NO FOUND FIX

NUMBER 3: When transforming your pet, remove weapons first.
*QUIT then RESUME your game if it doesn't function properly.

NUMBER 4: On game load, your humanoid pet's equipment that relies on ATTRIBUTE REQUIREMENTS will be unequipped.

NUMBER 5: "Skill Spells" for your humanoid pets can be bought from Pet Skill Merchants including "Transformation Elixirs".

NUMBER 6: There is a new human class in your pet rosters called Musha. The male is named Musashi and his opposite is Tomoe. They don't have purchasable "Skill Spells" at their disposal but they have a new line of weapons exclusively for them and they are called Katana, Nodachi and Mushato variants.

Mushato are not lootable in the game and they can only be obtained through transmutation or simply put, forging

Any One-Handed Sword (x4) = Katana
Any Two-Handed Sword (x4) = Nodachi

Katana (x2) + Grand Health Potion (x1) = Enhanced Katana
Nodachi (x2) + Grand Health Potion (x1) = Enhanced Nodachi
Hint: The product will be based on your character's level.

Enhanced Katana (x1) + Grand Health Potion (x1) = Enhanced Katana
Enhanced Nodachi (x1) + Grand Health Potion (x1) = Enhanced Nodachi

Any Katana type sword (x1) + Grand Mana Potion (x1) = Katana Issei
Any Nodachi type sword (x1) + Grand Mana Potion (x1) = Nodachi Issei

Katana Issei (x2) = Katana Nisei (req lvl 7)
Nodachi Issei (x2) = Nodachi Nisei (req lvl 7)
Hint: This process is repeatable until you reach the 9th Generation Mushato with level 50 requirement to wield

Mushato weapons are included (open link for reference purposes only)

NUMBER 7: Brink the Merc has two appearances/skins in the Pet Selection Screen and Syl the Sage has four color variants but the other three can only be seen by the use of Transformation Elixirs at Pet Skill Merchants. Also to note about the Merc's shield issue, equipping him other than his Indestructible shield (bought from Pet Skill Merchants) would make those shields breakable.

What my mod has that is unique?

> Pet Skill System -- Not just to make your pet look like your characters but also to make your pet use skills the way you can. By using the pet's spell slots, you can have the option to pick the skills you want your pet to use in battle.

> Intricate effort in making your pet becomes human-like. In these sense, I introduced the conditional skills that activates if your pet is in trouble also known as InnateSkills.

> Its educational too -- By adding Stat Indicators in your pet inventory UI, now we have a detailed look on how items function on your pet!

> Pet Leveling System?!?!! -- Yes! To be able to maintain the use of equipments on your pet, I came up of a way to make it "Appear" like your pet is automatically improving through leveling.

> Transformation Elixirs -- With this, you are not limited to your starting pet. Be free to explore all companions, be it a generic class or my custom made characters. You can always turn back to your original starting pet by purchasing a "Default Starting Pet" elixir. Essential for those who started a game with a vanilla animal pet.

> Another feature which I introduced, is the Penalty System -- If your human companion has depleted its health and instead of fleeing, it will be Knocked-Out for 30 seconds.

Comparison: Animal Vanilla Pet (AVP) vs Human Companion Pet (HCP):

> AVPs has tremendous amount of Health while HCPs has the same growth and amount as your character.

> AVPs have the Armor and Damage growth per level while HCPs don't have any but they have Weapons at their disposal. AVP and HCP can both benefit from armors.

> HCPs have Innate Skills and class-specific skills into Skill Spells purchasable from Pet Skill Merchants. And also, HCPs because they are human, they have the same cooldown time with spells same as with your character.

NOTE: You can always try using my mod with others by making it a priority in your mod list but it is possible that this will limit you from the interchangeability of pets I have designed it for. Just remember to backup your 'modsave' files before attempting. Try not to use pets other than the ones I modified. *All vanilla pets are safe including alpaca, headcrab, torso, etc.

__________________________________________________ ______________________

For my successor mod, the Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds

For the 2017 version of this mod

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