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Brother-in-Arms (2017)


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Brother-in-Arms (2017)

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Version 9 - Update 15 << CLICK TO VIEW

The first and original character to pet modification for Torchlight II, was named Humans as Pets mod back in 2013. It was published here at RunicGamesFansite almost at the same time with SynergiesMOD, gaining popularity side by side. It is also one of the inspiration behind Far East Pack when I introduced my custom companion, the Musha class. This is the only intensive and meticulously made modification done for the pets and it was still until I published its successor mod, the Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds.

Without further a do, please welcome it again, the newly revitalized version of Humans as Pets mod, the Brother-in-Arms!

Available Features:

Your starting pet is now your second character, with its own attribute stat and skill points system that you can adjust anytime without the need of respec or level limitations. If you have access to a level 42 requirement skill then you can set it up to its maxed rank immediately, as long as you have available skill points to spend.

Equipment customization, various weapons utilization, they are all available for our Brother-in-Arms!

18 characters to chose from as your starting pet, including the Aide Warbounds from BiA: Warbounds mod and more!
Every companion is interchangeable, look for Sia in-towns for their specific transformation elixirs. Be cautious when transforming, weapons and shield would be lost if not removed.

Charge bar and its uses are all implemented for each companions.

Modified Pet Hud and Panel for better usage, Pet Panel will also have easy on the eye stat indicators including the Attribute Points Manipulator and Skills Button.

Pet Battle Stances can now be toggled by one Hotkey.
Same with Toggle Pet Mod but improved, send some love there if you can.

3 things to know before using the mod:

NUMBER 1: This mod will bind your saved game, unless you use Mod Unbinder with my mod or before you remove my mod.

NUMBER 2: Equipment Comparison will not function properly anymore, best to disable it.

NUMBER 3: The Pet Inventory has been heavily modified to compliment the usage of a human companion but this also means that some mods out there might cause a conflict. Hopefully, we can prevent this by setting the mod at a high priority in your game launcher's mod load order. For ideal compatibility, follow the guide below:

> Top = UI, Textures & other aesthetic mods
> Middle Top = Character.Class & Skill mods
> Middle Bottom = Pets, BiA Warbounds & other summon mods
> Bottom = Synergies/TL2 Essentials and other full conversion mods
Map, Dungeon, and Item Mods can be put anywhere


Animal Vanilla Pet (AVP) and Human Companion Pet (HCP) comparison:

AVPs has tremendous amount of Health while HCPs has the same growth and amount just like your playable character.

AVPs have the Armor and Damage growth per level while HCPs don't have any but they have human Equipment at their disposal just like your playable character.

HCPs have class-specific skills and charge functions. Also, because they are human, they have the same cooldown time with spells just like your playable character.

AVPs when health is low, they will flee but for HCPs, they will perform a knocked out animation instead. This will lasts for 30 seconds, as a penalty.

Brother-in-Arms mod (BiA) and Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds mod (WB) comparison:

In BiA, attribute stat and skill points can be distributed same with our playable characters. WB is more automated when it comes to these things.

"Item comparison" and "Unmet level requirement for equipped equipment being unequipped on game load" are both not an issue in WB, these two could be the major improvements we have from BiA.

Aide Warbounds and Warbound Pets are exclusive for WB but Aide Warbounds' characters (plus new recruits) can be used as starting pets in BiA.

Both mod will be able to use all the skills that our vanilla character classes have, even their Charge functions were implemented.

Both mod have Hotkey toggles for Pet/Ally Battle Stances but BiA can only switch manually from Aggressive to Defensive, Defensive to Passive, and Passive to Offensive stance. In WB, it's an auto function that can switch automatically from Offensive, Defensive, or Passive stance depending on its health condition.

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Want to know more about the Warbound Companions? Read them here

Want to know more about the Musha Class Companions? Read them here

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Far East Pack

For an absolute unique experience, use this mod with Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds

For support and Steam download

For the classic version of Brother-in-Arms

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