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Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds


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Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds

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Version 6 - Update 23 << CLICK TO VIEW


Based from Pet Shop mod and inspired by Spar Demon Ability Spell (see links below). Call forth your very own human ally that you can equip armors, weapons and skills with. You can even command your ally same as your pet, with offensive, defensive and passive stances. Experience a new way to explore and beat the world of Torchlight II. With a human ally by your side and your trusty pet, the journey is not lonesome anymore! This is Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds!

Like my first pet mod here on RunicGamesFansite, the Brother-in-Arms (Classic), the idea is to make playable characters to become as your pet or companion. In this rendition of Brother-in-Arms, they are not Starting Pets, which is good too, because this will avoid conflicts on other mods in the workshop. This time I made them as summoned pets and no existing game files have been modified except for Online Party List layout. Everything is separate, made from scratch. You can still have animal pets (Vanilla), my Brother-in-Arms mod or other pet mods without compromise. You can still let your starting pet stay behind from battles or send your pet to town without problem, this mod won't affect it. You can easily unsummon your warbound ally if you need to, this works specially if you want to remove this mod, just remove ally then quit game.

If you are familiar with my Brother-in-Arms mod, you will surely enjoy this too or even more!

Your Ally is your Warbound. Your Brother-in-Arms in Torchlight.

Guide on how to Make Your Own Warbound is now available

Available Features:

Warbound Summoning Scrolls are the way to call forth warbounds - acquiring these scrolls gives you the privilege to have a companion befit to venture with you along with other perks at hand. Look for "No-Name" in-game to get one or all of these scrolls, he is in every town. There is also a chest obtaining one random Warbound Scroll at the very start of the game.

Interchangeability of warbounds, from Berserkers to Outlanders, either a bot summoning Engineer or a spell casting Embermage.
Only one ally you can have at a time and be cautious when desummoning, you will lose equipment if not transferred to your pet or your character's inventory.

CAUTION: Using a mod to Full Skill Reset will desummon all of your allies!

Your warbound has its own Inventory and skills. Skills in a form of equippable trinkets, they are called Skill-Tags.
Up to 8 Skill-Tags a warbound can equip and there is a skill button in its panel to check which skill rank the warbound is on.

Command your warbound same as the Pet Stances. With his/her own small HUD, you can toggle Offensive, Defensive or Passive stance to your warbound, you can even toggle it to Auto.
There is a Keybind for Auto-Stance toggle and Warbound Inventory, look it up in the game.

Charge Bar and Charge benefits are built into your warbound. Frenzy state for Berserkers, Avatar state for Embermages, Speed Benefits for Outlanders, and Charged Skills for Engineers! Skills that are dependent with Charge are implemented also, for all Classes!

Your character have a pet and now, so does your warbound! Assign a pet to your warbound and let it have its own guardian. Find No-Name in towns and see the variety of pets you can assign!
Mouse-over at warbound's current level to check which pet was assigned.

If you let your warbound kill enough enemies, you can acquire another companion to aide you in your travels. You can get one by seeing Aide Provider Syl in-towns, she will be near No-Name the Vendor.
When you have chosen one, it will be summoned by your warbound and assign it to you.

Ally Detection Helper (Icon Signifier). To easily spot them in the field, specially if you have hordes of monsters crowding up the place.
Right click Warbound Panel button to toggle this feature or you can see a Hotkey in control settings designated to this.

More stuff can be seen in-game, must-see experience!

Balance and Difficulties:

Skill Leveling - If you cannot execute a level 10 Arc Beam, your warbound can't either. This applies to Aide Warbounds too but with different progression, their skills are maxed to rank 15 at level 98

Penalty System - your warbound is invincible same as your pet but if reached the lowest point of its health, it will start a Knocked Out animation and you cannot interact with it for 30 seconds.
Letting your warbound get knocked out a few times can have consequences when re-summoned.

Experience Points - your warbound has its own experience points that is in-par with yours but if re-summoned or on its first summon, it will start in a level same as yours but with zero experience points.
So it may happen that you and your pet is at level 36 but your warbound is still at level 35.

Health Regen Control - your warbound will have reduced HP recovery if stance is toggled to Aggressive or Defensive.
Turning off Auto-Stance toggle will initially set the toggle to Passive.

Brother-in-Arms mod (BiA) and Brother-in-Arms: Warbounds mod (WB) comparison:

In BiA, attribute stat and skill points can be distributed same with our playable characters. WB is more automated when it comes to these things.

"Item comparison" and "Unmet level requirement for equipped equipment being unequipped on game load" are both not an issue in WB, these two could be the major improvements we have from BiA.

Aide Warbounds and Warbound Pets are exclusive for WB but Aide Warbounds' characters (plus new recruits) can be used as starting pets in BiA.

Both mod will be able to use all the skills that our vanilla character classes have, even their Charge functions were implemented.

Both mod have Hotkey toggles for Pet/Ally Battle Stances but BiA can only switch manually from Aggressive to Defensive, Defensive to Passive, and Passive to Offensive stance.
In WB, it's an auto function that can switch automatically from Offensive, Defensive, or Passive stance depending on its health condition.

Recommended Mod Load Order
For ideal compatibility, follow the guide below:

> Top = UI, Textures & other aesthetic mods
> Middle Top = Character.Class & Skill mods
> Middle Bottom = Pets, BiA Warbounds & other summon mods
> Bottom = Synergies/TL2 Essentials and other full conversion mods

Map, Dungeon, and Item Mods can be put anywhere

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

Pet Shop VERSION 2.01

Ability Spells

For support, please go to my Steam subscription page

For an absolute unique experience, use this mod with Brother-in-Arms (2017)

"Warbound" term came from The Incredible Hulk's Planet Hulk.

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