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  • Author Scavenger
  • Uploaded 05-29-2010, 10:49 PM
  • Last Updated 07-22-2010, 09:32 PM
  • Category Pets (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 1220


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### MOD

The mod overwrites existing pets! The pets will changed permanently for all characters. This mod includes the mod for the dog pet (Pet_NETHERIMP_Dog) and the mod for the cat pet (Pet_NETHERIMP_Cat). Choose which pet you want to replace.
You can use fish on the pet to transform. If you use an permanent fish, you can use Catfish / Dogfish (chose the right for your setting. A Dogfish will turn a Cat-Netherimp to a Dog!) to reset back to the Netherimp.

Additional skins are included.

NOTE: At first, you Netherimp pet might be bigger than intented. It seem, the scaling of the pets are somehow stored. To scale properly, use a Catfish / Dogfish on your pet.

### Additional Skins

By default, the Netherimp-Dog is green and the Netherimp-Cat is red. There are three additional skins available. All five skins are located in the folder "Additonal Skins". Just copy the sKinfile of your choosing over the existing on. Netherimp-Dog needs the files which end with "dog", Natherimp-Cat needs the ones which end with "cat".

Example: You installed the Pet_Netherimp_Cat. Now you want to change the color to DARK. Go to the folder "DARK" and copy the file "Alchemist_Imp_Pet_Cat.png" to:

%appdata%\runic games\torchlight\mods\Pet_NETHERIMP_Cat\models\Alc hemist_Imp\

Overwrite the existing file.

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