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Udinbak's Pet Mod v2.2


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Udinbak's Pet Mod v2.2

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  • Author Udinbak
  • Uploaded 07-25-2010, 02:01 AM
  • Last Updated 10-29-2011, 06:44 PM
  • Category Pets (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 115941


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2011-10-30 Admin Update: This mod should now install correctly in HotSpot. Have fun!

Udinbak's Pet Mod v2.2

Adds 79 pets to the game.
Including the Leviathan and the Banshee http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/dow...do=file&id=488 and revised cat and dog pets (Given skills. These pets do not replace the origional cat and dog)
Fishable only from the fishing spot in town. These change your pet permanently, are 5 use and stack to 100.
The pets all have 'Heall All' skill, plus 2 or more other skills.

Pets Currently Included:-
Alchemist, Alchemist Golem, Alric, Banshee, Blood Skeleton, Burrower, Cat, Children (Boy & Girl) Corrupt Disciple, Corrupted Ghost, Corrupted Merc, Corrupted Undead Dwarf, Crawler, Destroyer, Disciple, Dog, Dragon Spawn, 4 Elementals (Fire, Ice, Electric & Poison), Ember Colossus, Embermatic, Enslaved, Felwing, Fungus Golem, Gaz, Gel (Fire, Electric, poison), Ghost, Goblin Hound, Goblins (Archer, Boomer, Necromancer, Shaman, Warrior), Grave Robber, Horse, Imp, Leviathan, Lich, Lizardmen (Archer, Mage, Warrior), Mech Crawler, Mech Golem, Mimic (Rincewind's Chest), Nicola Brink, Ordrak, Pale Zombie, Phase Beast, Ratman, Ratman Foreman, Root Golem, Sentry Crystal, Shadow Armor, Skeleton, Spectral Dragon Spawn, Spider, Syl, Tarantula, Troll, Troll King, Undead Dwarf, Undead Dwarf General, Valeria, Vanquisher, Varkolyn, Wisps (normal, Electric, Ice, Fire, Poison), Zealot, Zealot Ghost, Zealot Mistress, Zombie.

v2.2 might actually be the final version. If I find a way to fix achemist/destroyer/vanquisher, and add weapons to humanoid pets (other than having them selected at charactor creation, then i'll update it again. Due to the fact that I've been trying to resolve these issues for a while, it may even be impossible without the software my pc refuses to install.


The vendor mod adds a pet vendor near the fishing spot in town.
There is a conflict when using the vendor mod and some dungeon mods, causing the game to crash when you move near the pace where the vendor should appear. Therefore I have seperated the vendor from the pets for easy removal. If you find the game crashes you will need to remove the vendor mod.


Delete any previous versions of this mod from your mods directory.

Extract both "Udinbak's Pet Mod" and "Udinbak's Pet Shop" from the rar file and place them in the mods folder,
which can usually be found here:-

[Drive]:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\torchlight\mods

[color= orange"]v2.2 makes many changes to the files. If you are updating from a previous version,/ you will need to change your pet back into a dog/cat and then remove all fish from your inventry (sell or use DO NOT JUST DROP THEM ON THE GROUND). Otherwise your savegame will become unusable![/color]

Changing your pet FROM either the Alchemist, Destroyer, Vanquisher or Banshee, WILL crash the game!!
I have an idea why this is, it's only with those 4 but I can't make it stop untill I have enough time to investigate my theory.
IF you wish to use either of these 4 pets, you will not be able to change to another pet!
I will be trying to resolve this but for the moment just be carefull.

then you must delete the vendor folder from your mods directory.
You might also need to clear your mod cache.
Unfortunately it is a conflict between the vendor mod and some dungeon mods.
I'm unable to find the cause at this time.
Make sure you keep backups of your saves before installing this mod!

MAC users have reported graphical errors when using this mod. Unfortunately I do not have access to a MAC, so I won't be able to deliberately find and fix this problem. (If any MAC users know of a solution, please let me know)

If you encounter a problem with any of the pets, please leave a message detailing the pet and bug and I will attempt to fix it in the next update. Any bugs encountered should be typos, I've tried to elliminate all errors, but some may still remain.

Alternative Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X26ZWU07

Change Log:
v2.2 :- Adjusted pet behavour, added children, altered warnings/filenames/descriptions etc.
v2.1 :- Reworked vendor (again). Added Leviathan & Valeria. Removed Flaming Sword (unfortunately I can't make this work) Eliminated almost all bugs.
v2a :- Bug fixes. Pets should no longer cause the game to crash upon using their fish.
v2 :- Added 33 pets. Reworked vendor. Correct fish mesh/sounds when not actually a fish.
v1.5b :- Fixed stupid error resulting in banshee clothes not showing, & potential conflict with banshee class. Sorry I didn't spot that before I uploaded.
v1.5 :- Correct sounds for each pet. Made pets more powerfull. Other minor fixes.
v1.4 :- Fixed erroneous file associations, typos etc. Fixed vendor & fish. Many crashes should be fixed.
v1.3 :- Added 5 pets. Fixed more typos. other minor adjustments.
v1.2 :- Fixed more typos.
V1.1 :- Added more pets. Fixed typos.

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