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XInput Mapper: Xbox 360 Controller Support


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XInput Mapper: Xbox 360 Controller Support

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XInput Mapper is an application written solely for the purpose of enabling Xbox 360 support for Torchlight II. I may extend this to support other games in the future, hence the generic name.

The original motivation behind this was to allow my son to play the game with me, as he's much more comfortable using a gamepad than a keyboard and mouse. I looked into using existing third party apps, such as xpadder and a few others, but they either did not do everything I wanted them to or they were too complex to set up. I decided it would be easier to start from scratch and roll my own.

This is a stand-alone tool written exclusively for Torchlight II, which means I was able to tweak it more than you normally could using generic controller mapping software. I've also provided a default (and customizable) configuration out of the box. Just launch the app (it sits in the system tray - no UI) and your Xbox360 controller is ready to use.


The zip contains the following files:
  • XInputMapper.exe - the application
  • t2.mappings - controller mapping configuration
  • t2mappings.jpg - an image of the default mapping configuration
Simply unzip to a directory of your choice and run XInputMapper. Connect your Xbox controller and that's all there is to it.


The t2.mappings file contains all of the configurable controller mappings. If you open this file with a text editor (i.e. notepad), you can read descriptions of all supported configuration options. If you change this file, simply restart XInputMapper for the changes to take effect.

The default controller mappings are shown in the attached screenshot. These went through a few iterations and I'm fairly happy with the current mappings, though you will more than likely end up wanting to configure them to suit your personal preferences. Almost every action in the game is mapped, including 8 of the 10 quickslots. There are actually a few unused button combinations that I didn't bother mapping with this default configuration (such as DPad+Modifier), so you could easily map any remaining actions to them if you like.


  • If your controller is not working at all in Torchlight II, chances are that Torchlight II is running at a higher privilege level than XInputMapper. The easiest way to fix this is to run XInputMapper.exe as Administrator.
  • If the left analog stick is not moving your player (or if any other default controls are not working), most likely there was no key mappings file for XInputMapper to parse. Try going into Settings->Controls within Torchlight II and clicking the green checkmark (accept button). This forces creation of your KeyBindings.dat within the Torchlight II save folder. Restart XInputMapper or select the 'Refresh Mappings' menu option to (hopefully) resolve your problems.
  • If you get an error when starting XInput Mapper stating "Unable to load Torchlight II key bindings (failed to lookup Documents folder)", try manually specifying the path to your Torchlight II "save" folder via the T2SavePath option in t2.mappings.
  • The default player control mappings (which rely on a 'move circle' in the middle of the screen) assume a fully zoomed out camera. This will be just fine for most players. However, if you decide to change the camera zoom, the move circle size may need to be increased for movement to work smoothly. You can update the default move circle size by changing the 'MoveCircleSize' setting in t2.mappings. You can also update the move circle size on the fly while playing, using the 'Set Move Circle' and 'Reset Move Circle' actions (see controller image above for default mappings).
  • If you change your control settings from within Torchlight II or your t2.mappings file while XInputMapper is running, right click the system tray icon and select 'Refresh Mappings' to have the tool pick up your changes.
  • XInputMapper will currently only work with Torchlight II when the game is on your primary monitor.
  • Use the Quickbar for your most frequently used attacks and skills, since the buttons are easier to press. Assign less frequently used skills to the left and right shoulder buttons (Left and Right mouse buttons in default T2 controls).

Version 1.2.2 - 03.05.2013
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player to stick/stop moving after attacking, requiring that the analog stick be let go before player moving could resume again.
Version 1.2.1 - 03.02.2013
  • Added a T2SavePath option in the mappings file to allow manually specifying the path to the Torchlihgt 2 save files. Most users will not need to change this, but if you have errors/warnings when you launch XInput Mapper about not being able to find your Documents folder, manually specifying this path should help.
  • Changed the default input mappings to move the primary attack and cast skill actions to the A and B buttons. After much playing and testing, this feels more natural than having them on the shoulder buttons. If you prefer it the old way, you can always change it back in the t2.mappings file.
Version 1.2.0 - 02.16.2013
  • Torchlight II key mapping config files are now being parsed, so the tool should work with any keyboard type (not just English - US). It should also now work with non-default Torchlight II control settings.
  • Note that you may need to open the Settings->Controls screen within Torchlight II at least once and click the green checkmark (accept button) to force creation of the KeyBindings.dat file within the Torchlight II save folder. This should only be necessary if you are using a non-English-US keyboard locale and have never customized your T2 controls.
  • Added a menu option (on system tray icon) to refresh mappings while running XInputMapper, to reflect any changes to t2.mappings or Torchlight II control settings.
Version 1.1.4 - 12.20.2012
  • Added a new configuration option called "FreeCursorWhileAttacking" that allows you to control whether the cursor enters a free moving state while holding down an attack or quickslot button. This option is on by default and can be disabled in the mappings file.
Version 1.1.3 - 12.19.2012
  • Added a "Troubleshooting" menu option that shows controller status as well as some tips if controller input is not working in Torchlight II.
  • Added an "Edit Mappings" menu option.
Version 1.1.2 - 12.18.2012
  • Added ZoomCameraEnabled and ZoomMapEnabled settings in mappings to allow disabling camera and map zoom (on by default).
Version 1.1.1 - 12.08.2012
  • Small change to allow the cursor to free-move while holding any attack or quickslot action button. This is useful for more precise aiming while attacking or casting a skill.
Version 1.1 - 12.06.2012
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Removed and simplified some redundant actions.
  • Improved the default controller mapping (almost all actions now mapped by default).
  • Fixed a problem with some actions not repeating properly (such as quickslot actions).
Version 1.0 - 12.01.2012
  • Initial release

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