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Torchlight Shared Stash Switcher


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Torchlight Shared Stash Switcher

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I've just finished making an actual info page for it on my blog. You can now see it at http://coffeecone.com/tsss.

I just started playing Torchlight 1 so this tool may come a little late. But hey, I'll still put this on here in case some people might find it useful.

The reason I made this is because of the rather small amounts of inventory slots available per character. Instead of opting to create multiple characters, I find that this is a tad bit more organized.

Usage is pretty straightforward and you can guess how it works if you've worked with shared stash files before.

BEFORE you use this, make sure you BACKUP your save folder first (just in case).

Do NOT edit the files directly from the "tsss" folder. You can rename your stashes by double clicking them from within the tool itself. It replaces all spaces with underscores and it handles it internally so it's best if you don't rename files via the "tsss" folder. Have I said "tsss folder" already? :P

Everything this tool uses is located at this folder:

C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\tsss


Basically, you select a stash from the list and then click the LOAD button. The one you selected will then be set as the active shared stash.
You can place it anywhere you want. It needs at least .NET 3.5 but I guess most people already have that.


If you have bug reports or want to send your feedback, you can reach me via my email:

mail[at]coffeecone.com (No spam please.)


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