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Shared Animations Library


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Shared Animations Library

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1/18/11 -
I've posted a bigger animations library, which now includes all of the animations for the Alchemist, Destroyer, Vanquisher, Alric, Brink, and Syl models, converted to work with any of the three player classes.

Okay, I tested the animations and they work. However, the animation libraries are too big for TorchED (and Torchlight) to handle. I'm not sure how many animations a character can have, but there is a limit. I'll work on writing an importer program that makes it easier to convert animations for a particular model, but since the current files are working, I can't guarantee that the importer program will be a high priority for me.

For the time being, here's how to get them to work:
1: In your mods directory, create a new mod containing the following directory structure:
<mod name>\media\models\<character>
2: In the character folder, copy over the .animation file from your character's model directory in TorchED. If you want to test the model in TorchED, it's also convenient to copy over the .MESH file, since TorchED looks in the mod directory first when you want to import a mesh.
3: Find the animation that you want to use from the shared animations library (SAL) and copy it into your mod folder. (Make sure you pull it from the right SAL folder!)
4: Open the .animation file in your character's SAL folder and find the entry for the animation you are importing, and copy those lines into the .animation file in your mod directory.
5: Link the animation to one of your character's skills (unless it is a Death, Attack, RSlash, or other animation that is chosen at random).

That's it, you're done.

1/7/2011 -
Minor update, if you can even call it that. I've managed to get the Vanquisher animations so that they don't crash the game or TorchED if you load a Vanquisher character. But right now it looks like the only animation that's working for her is the Bow attack (and oddly enough, it plays the one from the Destroyer model).

I'm still trying to figure out why the animations aren't playing, but if anyone else wants to have a look, I'd love to hear if you can find something. Note that these are just the .skeleton files; to get them into xml format you'll need the Ogre Xml Converter (download from the Ogre site or find it in the "Animation Converter" file I uploaded here a couple weeks ago).

Apparently there are a few animations that cannot have alternate skeleton files; these include Run, Idle, and Corruption. There may well be more. To get these to work properly, you'll need to choose which one you want to work for your character, delete the number at the end of the filename, delete the other skeleton files, open the skeleton.xml file and change the animation name, and then change the filename in the .animation file for your class. It's kind of a hassle but it's on my to do list for the next real update for this mod.

Here they are: all of the classes' animations, adjusted to work on the Alchemist and Destroyer models. There are some problems with the Vanquisher model, since she has extra bones (for her hair and skirt) that are undefined in the Alch and Destro skeletons. I'll try to get something working for her after the New Year.

I haven't tested these in-game, but they work in TorchED. As it is now, you will probably see more variety in your Attack, Die, Slash, and other common animations (although you may want to disable some... the Alchemist's run animation looks goofy on the Destroyer, and the Vanquisher's Fidget animation looks pretty gay on both of the males, with all due respect to my gay friends out there -- you guys would agree).

But to really make the best use of this animation pack, some clever people will want to use the animations in custom skills, or in mods that change the character model that a class uses (like in one of the Gender mods, for example).

Have fun!

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