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Caves & Molten Prison FishingHoles


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Caves & Molten Prison FishingHoles

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  • Author Oliarco
  • Uploaded 02-27-2016, 11:43 AM
  • Last Updated 08-18-2016, 05:40 PM
  • Category Misc (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 456


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This mod add 2 fishing holes for fish in the 2 areas where normally is impossible.

Add 1 fishing hole in the boss room of the caves
and another in the boss room of the molten prison.

Now maybe you are wondering yuorself "Why should i care to fish in these 2 areas?"
well if is it you should know that there are 4 fishes in the code of the game for these 2 areas (2 for the Caves and 2 for the Molten prison) but less the fishings holes them are impossible to fish and in the base game there aren't.

The 4 fishes are...

Albino Halibut (Effect: +10 Increased Chance to Block for 300 seconds) Pretty common to fish
Blind Eel (Effect: +1 Dexterity Attribute Bonus)* Very rare to fish

[Molten Prison]
Molten Eel (Effect 1: Increase All Fire Damage by 20% for 300 seconds Effect 2: Fire Damage Taken is Reduced by -20% for 300 seconds) Pretty common to fish
Magmamouth Bass (Effect: +1 Strenght Attribute Bonus)* Very rare to fish

*The attribute bonus are almost useless due the fact that the effect is "active" and so if you use 1 of these fishes the yuor character will have +1 Dexterity or +1 Strenght but if you use an other of these fishes of the same kind of the first the game will block you because there is still the effect of the old fish (the +1 dexterity/strenght) so you'll can use just 1 fish for increase just 1 stat point. This isn't a fair thing because these fish are really very rare to fish but this is how work, i have just "Unlocked" These fishes but they are not made by me.

1.0 Initial Relase [27/02/2016]
1.1 Removed Adm and Cmp files [19/08/2016]

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