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[Map] The Crucible v.3


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[Map] The Crucible v.3

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  • Author akindain
  • Uploaded 09-07-2012, 11:30 PM
  • Last Updated 09-15-2012, 06:14 PM
  • Category Maps (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 2566


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Hello all! I am glad to release my final mod for TL 1.... The Crucible v1.0! A SEAMLESS 35 wave survival dungeon. all you do is buy the map from Horus and hit the only lever there at the bottom of the stairs and get your game on.

http://youtu.be/OArVekp2Jl0 - wave 1-6 part 1
http://youtu.be/Nc6Lko_cjT4 - wave 1-6 part 2

Should add about an hours worth on killing on easy, longer on harder difficulties.

The wave and boss selections are based on the main quest. the mobs in between the bosses are what you would find up till you meet the boss normally.

I decided to make this mod to get me pumped up and ready for modding TL 2 so please enjoy and give feed back or suggestions for the TL 2 version which I will be starting the day after release.

Here is the list of what i put for each wave....mobs levels should be their wave # +1

version 1.0 list
Wave 1 -ratlins
Wave 2 -gel
Wave 3 -rock troll
Wave 4 -currupted brink -BOSS
Wave 5 -grave robber
Wave 6 -3 ghost sisters -BOSS
Wave 7 -construct
Wave 8 -overseer -BOSS
Wave 9 -stabber pygmy
Wave 10 -chanter pigmy
Wave 11 -caveflier
Wave 12 -wisp
Wave 13 -electric wisp
Wave 14 -root golem
Wave 15 -poison wisp
Wave 16 -root golem -BOSS
Wave 17 -lizard archers
Wave 18 -lizard warrior
Wave 19 -burrower
Wave 20 -ember colossus -BOSS
Wave 21 -goblin hound
Wave 22 -crazed goblin
Wave 23 -troll juggernaut
Wave 24 -troll king -BOSS
Wave 25 -ember thrall
Wave 26 -Soulless Cutter
Wave 27 -Deathwalker Battlemaster
Wave 28 -Mechanical Construct
Wave 29 -medea -BOSS
Wave 30 -Disciple Corrupted
Wave 31 -shade -BOSS
Wave 32 -Dark Zealot
Wave 33 -felwing
Wave 34 -alric -BOSS
Wave 35 -ardrak -BOSS


--fixed the gate issue so now when u die in the arena you can now go back to start of the map and get back in so you can kill more
--added an npc to town of torchlight that sells the scroll to get to the arena
--fixed a wave mob level issue

Version 3 Update:
all wave mobs have been cloned to make new ones that have new drop spawnclasses
new spawnclasses add "Arena Kill Tokens"
kill tokens can be transmuted to get new items*

5 kill tokens = rank 1 award
1 rank 1 award = random fish related item

3 rank 1 awards = rank 2 award
1 rank 2 award = random socket gems

3 rank 2 awards = rank 3 award
1 rank 3 awards = random enchanted item

3 rank 3 awards = rank 4 award
1 rank 4 awards = random magic item

3 rank 4 awards = rank 5 award
1 rank 5 awards = random unique or set item

Known bugs:
any creatures that mobs summon will not disappear like they should when you kill the main wave mobs.

currently the only way out once its started is a town portal, sorry will add an exit soon

only way to reset this is to go to another map open a town portal, go buy arena map and should be reset when you go in again

MODS I know work with this
starting money increase
TL2 pet fish
Champions Mod
Merchant Pack

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