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The Destined (Updated Jan.26.2013)


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The Destined (Updated Jan.26.2013)

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  • Author suibom
  • Uploaded 08-22-2010, 08:54 PM
  • Last Updated 01-26-2013, 10:18 PM
  • Category Maps (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 8813


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The Destined
A small child disappears into an abandoned mine opening and her friend cries out for her rescue. However, rescuing the girl proves to be no simple task.

A story-centric, full campaign including:
  • New story based quests
  • New puzzles
  • Modified boss battles
  • 5 single level dungeons comprised of over 20 new chunks
  • Over 15 of those chunks are modified to add to the general pool

Note: If you installed the beta release, delete it prior to installing this release.

To install the mod, unzip the download file "TheDestined.zip" into your mods folder.
When The Destined is installed, interact with the boy running through the center of town to start off the opening quest.

Feedback appreciated.

Update 01.26.13 - Lava chunk was only designed for one way journey, now fixed.
Update: 08.23.10 - Unfortunately I let a stray chunk get passed. Crypt exit chunk, now fixed.
Update: 08.24.10 - Fixed logic flaw that could result in being locked out from Artemis boss battle after death respawn.
Update: 08.25.10 - Fixed a reported issue with the last trigger (I hope, I couldn't reproduce the problem, reported by Killious)
Update: 08.26.10 - Initial fix did not work, trying again with a new approach.
Update: 08.29.10 - Fixed chunk connect problem found in Crypt Entrance chunk for general pool.
Update: 09.05.10 - Fixed: ruins chunk didn't have one of the exit mechanism triggers in place (reported by Genesis033)
Update: 09.08.10 - Fixed: The logic flaw fix from 08.24 caused a problem in the opposite direction (reported by VenomousRacoonKing).
Update: 10.18.10 - Fixed: Critical component was accidentally deleted from mine entrance chunk. (reported by Jarcho)

Note: The scenario should end with you teleporting back to town where the final interaction with Jill will take place. If, for some reason, you do not teleport from the yellow dias (after defeating the ending bosses and talking with the last two NPCs in the connected dungeon rooms afterwards), please let me know. I am currently testing solutions for those that encounter this issue.

Warning: This campaign is not meant to be easy, hard core characters take note. Play through with a respawner first.


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