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Basement Mini-Dungeon 1.2


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Basement Mini-Dungeon 1.2

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  • Uploaded 07-20-2010, 12:09 AM
  • Last Updated 07-22-2010, 06:53 PM
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This mod adds the Basement, a new, single level mini-dungeon that can be accessed from town. It's small dungeon that you can run through in a few minutes, but it's also randomized, so there can be dozens of different configurations.

Current version: v.1.2 (23 May 2010)

Rumors abound of a mysterious cult of alchemists that used to have a secret base of operations in the town of Torchlight. Legend says their alchemical experiments went awry, which led to their own destruction. For some reason you've never noticed it before, but it turns out there's a cellar door underneath an abandoned house. Could this be hidden lair of the Blue Ember Cult? (Yes.)

So, Torchlight's dungeons are composed of large "chunks" that offer more varied environments and great visuals. And that's cool. But recently I found myself missing those old-style dark and dank dungeons filled with rectangular rooms and twisty passages, all alike. That was the inspiration for creating this mod.

- The basement is always only one level deep and made of 3 types of chunks: an entrance, exit, and middle section. Currently there are 5 entrance, 4 middle, and 2 exit chunks. Most of these also have randomized areas within them. The dungeon is volatile, meaning that it's re-randomized each time you enter.
- There are two mini-quests, one in each of the exit chunks.
- The basement is populated with a randomly-chosen selection of monsters, picked from several spawnclasses (Mine monsters, Dwarf monsters, etc.).
- The monsters are scaled to your level, so hopefully they should provide some challenge no matter what level you are.
- There are a few new monsters, including the Phantom (which uses an unused Specter model) and a few other things I cooked up.

New in version 1.2 (23 May 2010)
- Added one new end chunk, for a total of three. The new chunk includes a new mini-quest.
- Added Spell: Doom Ring. This spell creates a trap-like ring that explodes when enemies step on it. This
spell is found by completing the new mini-quest.
- Various small additions to existing chunks for more flavor and variety.

Simply drop the "BasementMiniDungeon" folder into your mods folder. The basement entrance should appear in town

Requires Torchlight v1.15.

Note: Currently this mod won't load in the Mac version of Torchlight. I'm pretty sure this isn't my fault. I will make an alternate Mac version of the mod that excludes imagesets, as soon as I'm sure that everything else in 1.2 is working fine.

This mod should not interfere with or alter any other parts of the game. The basement entrance is added to the town via a merged layout, and everything else (the monsters and the new skills and particle systems they use) are new files with new names that should not overlap anything else.

I can't guarantee compatibility with other mods that make sweeping, overriding changes to items or game systems. So don't complain to me if you're level 999, and this thing is unbalanced!

Discuss it here on the Runic Games forum!

Thanks, and please report any bugs or problems!

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