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Soulcommando Weapon Pack v2


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Soulcommando Weapon Pack v2

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Well, here it is! Soulcommando Weapon Pack v2! It's basically an expansion off Weapon Pack v1, with new weapons and a few revisions. By the way, just so everyone knows, this will be the last mod I'll post for a little while as I'm starting college in a couple of days. In the mean time, have fun and enjoy this mod!

Here's a list of the new content in Weapon Pack v2:


-Added custom missiles to the shotgun, flamethower, uzi, and grenade launcher
-Tweaked a few stats on the flamethrower and changed its display name from Lava Sprayer to Flamethrower
-The uzi no longer pierces enemies.

New weapons:

Dragon Longsword - from the MMO Runescape. The design isn't accurate to Runescape's dragon longsword. This was because I made this as a rant a while back after Runescape's dragon longsword was redesigned and now looks nowhere near as good as the original:-[

Energy Sword - Yes, the famous energy sword from the Halo series has finally arrived in Torchlight!

Gravity Gun - Uses gravitational manipulation to send your enemies flying. Fun!

Dueling Rapier (aka Ornate Rapier) - Added in by request. Credit to www.3dvalley.com for the rapier mesh I edited.

Bio Gun (aka Bio Rifle) - Inspired by Unreal Tournament's Bio Rifle, this weapon shoots a deadly blob of goo that eats through armor and poisons your enemies.

Obsidian Shield (aka TokTz-Ket-Xil) - From the MMO Runescape. This is a shield that not only has great defense, but boosts melee damage as well.

Mind Shield - From the MMO Runescape. This is an ethereal shield that, while having low armor bonus, defends great against magical and elemental damage.

Unzip the file and drop into your app data/roaming/runic games/torchlight/mods folder. If you have Weapon Pack v1 installed, simply uninstall or delete it. It should still keep the weapons you already obtained.

While I'm pretty sure this mod is bug free, please comment or PM me if you find a bug I missed. Thanks!

NOTE: All of the weapons are uniques with level requirements ranging from 12 to 35, so they may take a little while to spawn.


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