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Ultimate Boss Chest


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Ultimate Boss Chest

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  • Author Warhead
  • Uploaded 03-20-2014, 10:20 PM
  • Last Updated 03-20-2014, 10:20 PM
  • Category Items (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 10492


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This mod overrides most/all Boss' Chests spawnclasses because the original one wasn't "rewardable" enough. In fact, most Boss' Chest with the exception of The Forgotten Chest (Chillhoof in the Icedeep Caverns) and the one from the Spider Cave, didn't even have the proper spawnclass. Most of them called 'Treasure_Chest_Huge' instead of 'Treasure_Chest_Boss' as spawnclass.

So, I re-used an old one I had developed for a mod that never saw the light of day (So far), and tweaked it a little bit to maintain balance.

My new spawnclass will drop:

Guaranteed items:
  • Between 20 and 30 pieces of gold.
  • A class-specific Blue.
  • A random Armor Piece (Can be a set item, but can't be Unique).
  • A random Weapon (Can't be set nor Unique).
  • A random Unique.

Also it has chance to drop
  • A Trinket (Ring/Amulet/Belt) which can't be Unique.
  • Between 1 or 2 random Socketeables (Can be Blue or Unique)
  • Or a random Spell.

Please, keep in mind that due to the number of chests affected by this mod it is hard to do a proper testing, specially during the random Bosses spawning through Mapworks (But I think I managed to override this random Boss' Chests as well). Also I didn't touched Chillhoof's chest since I think it's a random dungeon, so it isn't very easy to find the layout to modding it.

If you see an Ornate or a Boss Chest dropping lesser loot, let me know by posting right here. If you can provide me with a screenshot of the place, the level of the dungeon and the boss you were fighting that may also help.

To be honest, I'm more interested about the common boss encounters you will see during the progression of the campaign, like the Manticore, the Estherian Regent or the Alchemist.
Then again, this mod should override most of the Boss Chests even the ones from Mapworks.

The guaranteed rewards aren't "a big deal" since it can be a useless Unique or a poor Class-Specific, so it shouldn't break the balance of the game.
Regarding the amount of Gold you will get for each chest, I think it is adequate because you will not find this chests randomly, and also everyone enchanting or gambling in the game knows that money doesn't grow on trees, so this will be helpful, specially when taking into account the drops the chest will roll will be Dungeon-Level based.

As a closing statement, I would suggest to put this mod on top of every other chest modification on the launcher, like Hene's "Golden Chest with Uniques", my mod doesn't modify any locked golden chest, but it's just an advice to avoid any possible conflicts.

Let's loot!!

Video showing vanilla Boss Chest and modded Boss Chest (Thanks Chewtoy):


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