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LAO 2.0 Chaos Edition (v.31)


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LAO 2.0 Chaos Edition (v.31)

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  • Author RnF
  • Uploaded 02-18-2014, 10:50 PM
  • Last Updated 02-18-2014, 10:50 PM
  • Category Items (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 8169


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If you have LAO 2.0 already installed, recommend starting a new game for the Chaos Edition. *If you switch mods, you will lose all your items (unless you install them both at the same time, run the game, then close it, then turn off LAO 2.0 on the next startup)

Change Log

Introducing the Chaos Edition of LAO 2.0

Every item from LAO 2.0 has been stripped of any pre set affix bonuses. By doing so, every item will now spawn random affixes.*

This has been done for three reasons.*

1. It's fun *
2. To help balance out 1 hand vs 2 hand weapons*
3. To lessen the amount of affixes spawning on items compared to LAO 2.0 (a nerf so to speak)*

By taking off all the pre-set affixes it will be much easier to control what spawns on an item and by how much. In vanilla TL2, 1 hand weapons have a distinct advantage over 2 hand weapons by being able to have more affixes and more sockets. That is no longer the case.


- Adds more than 15,000 items*

- Legendary items now drop more often from bosses, chests, champions, and secret rooms*

- All item affixes have been rebalanced, now scale to item level*

- Includes Waybacks affix expansion, reworked to scale with item level (not complete)*

- There are now 1 hand weapon, 2 hand weapon and chest armor specific affixes*

- 2 hand weapons can spawn twice as many affixes as 1 hand weapons*

- 2 hand melee weapons now do 30% more damage*

- 2 hand ranged weapons now do 40% more damage*

- Chest peices now spawn twice as many affixes as other armor pieces*

- Every Blue item has a Yellow version (Ultra Rare), most have been renamed (by Wayback)*

- Every Yellow item has a level 100 version*

- Every Unique item has a level 95 version*

- Every Unique item has a Legendary version*

- Every Legendary item has a level 105 version*

- Includes all of Torchlight I weapons*

- Adds a new jewel called an Ember Jewel (spawns lots of differnt random bonuses)*

- Spell scroll drops have been adjusted so you will see more variety*

Item Tier Description - Each tier does more damage and offers more armor than the last: set items have the same damage/armor as their non set versions, the color is just to help identify set items more clearly on the drop*

White = Normal Item*
Green = Enchanted Item*
Blue = Rare Item*
Fuscia = Rare Set Item*
Yellow = Ultra Rare*
Bright Green = Ultra Rare Set Item*
Orange = Unique Item*
Gold = Unique Item Set Item*
Red = Legendary*
Light Purple = Legendary Set Item

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