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LAO 2.0 - RnF's Legendary Addon (v.34)


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LAO 2.0 - RnF's Legendary Addon (v.34)

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  • Author RnF
  • Uploaded 02-18-2014, 10:46 PM
  • Last Updated 02-18-2014, 10:46 PM
  • Category Items (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 13916


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Change Log

*ATTENTION: *Installing LAO 2.0 will break any previous version of LAO and result in deleting of all custom items. *It has been rebuilt from the ground up, and all the items have changed and no longer exist in their original form. *Don't worry though, the items in this version are better and it won't take long to find more.

This was done to add consistency to the mod and ensure easier updates for the future. *Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. *The original version of LAO will not be deleted, if you want to continue to use that version, feel free to do so. *However you will be missing out on a lot more loot and higher quality loot.

Special thanks to Mamba, this wouldn't have been possible with out his collaboration on creating the tools to automate the item creation process and his attention to detail. *This mod is as much his as it is mine now and is much improved because of him. *Mamba helped create the mod I had originally envisioned and helped add so much more. *I can't say enough of how much I appreciate his work on LAO 2.0. *Thanks!

Also want to thank Wayback for allowing me to use his Item Affix Expansion mod and his work on creating new Unique item names for the Random Unique's. *I think many of you will enjoy the new item names and affixes his work as brought in. *It really helps the new items come alive. **Wayback also helped me figure out how to get Unique and Legendary items to spawn random affixes at the same time retaining their assigned affixes.

With that, I would like to introduce LAO 2.0. *This is a HUGE improvement over any previous version of LAO.

- Adds more than 10,000 items
- Compatible with Synergies
- All Magic items now have a Random Unique version with new Unique item names created by Wayback
- All Random Unique items have a level 100 version
- All Unique items now have a level 95 version
- All Unique items have a Legendary version at the original level
- All Legendary items have a level 105 version, to bring them inline with Runic's 105's.
- Now includes more rings and amulets
- Now includes pet tags and collars

New item display colors
Legendary Set
Unique Set
Random Unique Set (magic set items originally)
Random Unique
Magic Set

More Features
- LAO items now incorporates randomly generated affixes on all Unique and Legendary items on top of their original affixes, no one item will ever be the same!
- Affixes on Unique and Legendary items will be appropriate for their levels
- The orignal affixes on Unique and Legendary items will now spawn with a range (ie the affix will chose a value between 5-10% ice damage instead of being 7% all the time)
- Adds more than 450 new affixes via Waybacks Item Affix Expansion mod

- Class requirements have been removed from all items
- Level 105 Legendary items however will require your level to be 101 or meet the stats to use, so it's kind of an arbitrary class requirement on these items

- Unique 1 Hand weapons will have 1 socket
- Legendary 1 Hand weapons will have 2 sockets
- Unique 2 Hand weapons will have 2 sockets
- Legendary 2 Hand weapons will have 4 sockets
- Unique Chest armor and shields will have 2 sockets
- Legendary Chest armor and shields will have 4 sockets
- All other Unique armor will have 1 socket
- All other Legendary armor will have 2 sockets

- Increased Legendary drop rates from vanilla dramatically, but not over the top. *No use to have all these new items and not be able to find them
- More intuitive Legendary drops (no longer dropping from rocks, small chests, normal mobs (unless you get really, really lucky). *Bosses have the best chance for a Legendary, followed by a boss chest, a golden chest, Champions, (hero's and elites if you use Synergies), Mimics and huge chests

- Legendary items will no longer turn orange when you hover over the drop text, however the inventory icon highlight border is still orange. *Don't think this can be changed.

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