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Mushato (Samurai themed weapons for Musha class)


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Mushato (Samurai themed weapons for Musha class)

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  • Author doudley
  • Uploaded 05-25-2013, 11:29 PM
  • Last Updated 05-25-2013, 11:29 PM
  • Category Items (TL2)
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Update 05/26/2013: Adjustment on weapon skills' range and effects. I got distracted with adding SAYA on Musha Wardrobes. The next weapon type will be hold for the mean time.

Update 05/19/2013
: Added new EFFECTS and PARTICLES on the weapon skills. Nodachi weapon skills now has its own appropriate FX and range. Each weapon appearance now shows properly when wielded. Tweaked the textures of the weapons and added an appropriate attack sound for katana and nodachi. And fixed an issue regarding nodachis being able to spawn in the game.

Mushato are transmuted weapons designed specifically for the custom class called Musha.

This is an addon for my "Brother-in-Arms (Humans as Pets MOD)" and a pre publish feature of my upcoming mod. To obtain such weapons one must have the accessibility to a TRANSMUTER. There are total of 9 classes of Mushato of each type of weapons.

As of now, I only can produce two types: One handed sword (Katana) and Two handed sword (Nodachi).
Each class contains specific SKILLS that are reflected on each Mushato---the higher the class, the better!

I deliberately will conceal the recipes for my Mushato weapons but I will expose the first 2 classes.

Any type of One handed weapon (3) + 1 Big Mana Potion = KATANA ISSEI (1st Gen)
Any type of Two handed weapon (3) + 1 Big Mana Potion = NODACHI ISSEI (1st Gen)

Katana Issei (2) + 1 Giant Mana Potion = KATANA NISEI (2nd Gen)
Nodachi Issei (2) + 1 Giant Mana Potion = NODACHI NISEI (2nd Gen)

*The next ones are easy to figure out by this point.

>Next update would to add a new weapon type, this would be for range type. I'm already on it and I got new ideas for a legendary mushato.
>Future updates would be to add more weapon types and the final phase would be to add Legendary weapons that are literally based on legends. It would have unique skills that are connected to their legends. Although I already got some ideas that has its own name and skill but not based on legends.

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