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Evolved Ember


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Evolved Ember

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  • Author DoctorT
  • Uploaded 07-08-2012, 09:05 PM
  • Last Updated 10-15-2012, 03:34 PM
  • Category Items: Gems (TL1)
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Current Version: 1.0.2

Credit: Phanjam the Great for all new icons!

This is the first of my Torchlight Evolved mods for a balanced game up to level 1000! (It will still work fine if you have the default max level of 100.)

This mod introduces seven all-new types of gems into the game, each having 30 ranks ranging all the way up level 1000, and each rank having its own unique hand-drawn graphic. Each gem will provide a separate bonus for Armor, Weapon and Trinket, the Trinket bonuses being more adventuring-focused percentages like magic find and minion bonuses.

This mod DOES NOT remove any of the original gems, though it is designed to replace them. However, you shouldn't see any of the original gems drop from monsters / selling in shops unless you are at a VERY high level. Any of the old gems you have will still work fine, and this shouldn't conflict with any other gem mods (except those that change availability via spawn classes).

Gem Types Included:

Gem Grade Progression:

Other Info:
* Two of the same type of gem can be combined to create the next grade, just like the originals.
* Recipes included for 4 of the same type, in addition to "Arithmancy"-style recipes for extra convenience (two of one type, and one of the next grade; also two of one type, one of the next grade and the next grade after that). Almost 800 recipes all together!
* Once you get to a high enough level, the lower grade gems will stop appearing. At any given level period, only eight different grades of gems will be able to spawn, and each grade has half the chance of appearing as the last grade.
* Future updates to this mod will be released for the sake of balance, but they will be retroactive changes that will automatically fix all gems currently in your game(s).

Version Info:
v1.0.1 - removed stackable feature for gems (due to bug), removed "x8" recipes (no need if not stackable).

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