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Aherin's Custom UI for Steam Controller


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Aherin's Custom UI for Steam Controller

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The Author of this mod is Aherin
Uploaded on behalf of Aherin with his permission, by Torchmodders

-Mod Basics-

This mod alters the HUD and menus in the game to be played along side a custom Steam Controller Profile (see link below). It aims to make the UI feel more like it was designed with the Steam Controller in mind. Seeing as dedicated controller support for this game will never be, I figured this is the next best thing!

To make this mod I have combined, made changes to or been inspired by existing mods. All of these are given proper credit below.

I have also worked out a way to hide the cursor if desired, which will require downloading an external app and a bit of set up (but not too bad!) which I'll talk you through.

-Mod Details-

-Modified Hud based on Raffo Baffo's and Doomguy’s excellent mods-

I changed the skill bars to show 'linked' skills which can be cast using the same button to save space.

Player Buffs are listed at the bottom left and have a gold border to differentiate them.

I have also added a 'potion belt' of 5 slots which can be hidden to show the xp bar by holding down ALT. The idea is that you can check your xp progress whilst running around picking up loot in between fights. Each belt slot is also keybound. The xp bar is also permanently hidden once you reach 100.

Hold down the right trigger to quickly buy potions and sell items.

There is an in-game button controller layout menu which shows which skills are assigned. This will automatically update if you change skills or potion slots. (See screenshot) Mouse over the ?, press B, or press the left side of the left touchpad to show.

-Most in-game menus and their buttons now have controller button shortcuts- (Inspired by doudley's ‘Quick Accept’ mod)

This includes most of the buttons in the main menu, the pause and settings menus, town portal and waypoint menus, as well as quest menus. I've tweaked the equipment tooptips to show the buy/equip/identify controls.

I've also added a button shortcut to sell all items to vendors as well as sending the pet to town when the pet inventory is open.

Also, pressing down on the analog stick will toggle the quest list on the side (and show the currently loaded character on the title screen)

*REMEMBER* - if you have a mod that expands the pet inventory, this mod will eat any items that don't fit on the first screen, so just put them into your stash before you load this.

-Slimmed down version of doudley's 'Potion of Insight' Mod-

I added the target bars section of this mod so you can see enemy target bars. I didn't include the map radar function because it seems to me to slow things down, even when not activated.

*Note* If you want the full mod you can easily load it above this mod with no problems.

-I've also added 'Fast Resume and Quit' by zParticle and 'Map Keybinds' by Jaex.

-Lastly is the ability to turn off the in-game cursor when required. More on that below

-Mod Setup-

First of all of course you need my custom steam controller profile for this all to work properly. It's a tweaked version of the official Runic profile.

Here it is:
steam://controllerconfig/200710/1470275370 (Open up big picture and post this link into the web search function)

You shouldn't need to fiddle with too many keybinds in-game, but you will have to set to default. This will also assign Zaex's map keybind for you.

You can see that two buttons actually have 2 skills linked to them each (Skills 6/7 and 8/9). These buttons are great for skills with medium to long cooldowns or skills you use tactically all the time (Battle Standard for example). The button will activate the first of the two or whatever isn't on cooldown.

Best mana and Best health potion are assigned to a single button press as well. If you don't need either of those at the time because you're full you simply won't drink one.

I strongly advise you to use your potion of insight and place it in the fifth slot in your belt. This will allow you to easily turn target bars on and off. (See the screen shots) I've found it works best if you fully turn it off by clicking on the icon in the corner then turn it on again each play session. You can buy it from any general vendor.

All the other potion slots can be activated by holding the left trigger and pressing x ,b, y or a. The main idea though is for you to easily see how many potions you have at all times.

Skill slot 0 is intended for your town portal scrolls, but of course anything will work in that slot. Also check the general merchants for a magic portal scroll with infinite uses

To do a normal attack, hold the analog stick towards enemies. If you press the left trigger at the same time you'll have a bit more control. You can also flick the analog stick to pick up items and talk to npcs etc.

*Note* To free the mouse you just hold down the left trigger and move the right touchpad. Pressing down on the right touchpad will do a right click. The only thing that's a bit cumbersome is socketing items but it's still doable. Just pick up the socketable by pressing RT then hold LT and move the right touchpad as mentioned above.

-Turn off Cursor-

In order to be able to make the in game cursor turn off when you want it to you will need to download and install Yolomouse and make a few tweaks. Of course you do this at your own risk, but I haven't had any issues with it. I'm not going to post the link here but you can google it.

To set it up you need to first run it while running TL2 then exit the game. Then go into the newly created settings file for it (SteamApps_common_Torchlight_II_Torchlight2_exe.in i) and replace everything with just this:


Also, go into Settings.ini and change the keybinds so that the first line says:


and the 5th line says:


All it does is make cursor 1 so small that it's invisible and then selecting cursor 5 returns it to the default.

Make sure you save both files, exit Yolomouse and then it should be good to go when you start it up again.

Once in-game just tap the bottom of the left pad to turn off the cursor and hold it to turn it back on whenever you need.

-Mod Limitations-

At the moment you still need the cursor to use your inventory and trade etc. If I can work out a way to let you switch around inventory boxes with the left stick or something I will, but for now the hide/show cursor works fine. Most of the high frequency buttons now have controller shortcuts so it's not too bad.

I'll keep working on it as I play and try to add more things!

-Special Thanks-

Cheers to the following people for the use of their mods!

  • Raffo Baffo's Hud
  • Doomguy's Textures
  • doudley's 'Potion of Insight' mod and his ‘Quick Accept’ mod concept
  • zParticle's ‘Fast Resume and Quit’ mod
  • Jaex's ‘Map Keybinds’ mod

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