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Aherin's Custom UI for Xbox Controller


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Aherin's Custom UI for Xbox Controller

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The author of this mod is Aherin
Uploaded on behalf of author Aherin with his permission, by Torchmodders

Author's Notes:

-Mod Basics-

This mod alters the HUD and menus in the game to be played along-side a custom Xbox 360 Controller Profile (see link below). It is an alternate option to my original Steam Controller Custom UI mod (https://www.runicgamesfansite.com/mo...ds/38-gui-tl2/).

To make this mod I have combined, made changes to or been inspired by existing mods. All of these are given proper credit below.

I have also worked out a way to hide the cursor if desired, which will require downloading an external app and a bit of set up (but not too bad!) which I'll talk you through. See my original mod for details.

-Mod Details-

This mod has all the features of the original, but with an alternate button layout (obviously ?) and xbox button icons.

You will need this controller profile to make it work (Updated 6/9/18):
steam://controllerconfig/200710/1504772779 (Open up big picture and post this link into the web search function)

I’ve had to swap a few things around but it generally works well. To open the stat/skill menus you will need to use the left trigger while pressing the buttons for the pet/inv menus. I had to do this as there wasn’t enough buttons. I also had to remove the zoom button as well. The right stick is for free mouse movement (if the left trigger is held), otherwise it is for the rest of your skills. Not ideal but it does the job!

*I also made an infinite portal scroll which is sold by general merchants. Use this in keybind slot 0 instead of your regular waypoint portal scrolls.

-Special Thanks-

Cheers to the following people for the use of their mods!
  • Raffo Baffo's Hud
  • Doomguy's Textures
  • doudley's 'Potion of Insight' mod and his ‘Quick Accept’ mod concept
  • zParticle's ‘Fast Resume and Quit’ mod
  • Jaex's ‘Map Keybinds’ mod

*Button Icons
I also used icons from this project in my mod:

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