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Better Balanced Sale Prices


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Better Balanced Sale Prices

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  • Author Miniver
  • Uploaded 07-13-2010, 09:42 PM
  • Last Updated 07-22-2010, 01:32 PM
  • Category Gameplay (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 49082


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This mod offers exactly what the title says--better balanced sale prices. Vendors now offer more gold in exchange for your items, so selling rare and unique equipment no longer leaves you feeling like you've been kicked in the teeth.

However, please note that this mod is intended to be balanced. You will not be able to reap plentiful gold from every item you come across. Normal items have received a marginal increase in sale price, magical items have received a moderate increase in sale price, and unique items have received a substantial increase in sale price. Additionally, the amount of gold received scales with the item level.

Without modding and with no Barter skill, the percentage of gold received for selling an item in relation to its purchase price is as follows:

Level 1 Normal: 25%
Level 55 Normal: 10%
Level 1 Magic: 8%
Level 55 Magic: 3%
Level 1 Unique: 3%
Level 55 Unique: 1%

With this mod and with no Barter skill, the percentages have been increased to the following:

Level 1 Normal: 25%
Level 55 Normal: 13%
Level 1 Magic: 14%
Level 55 Magic: 7%
Level 1 Unique: 8%
Level 55 Unique: 4%

Although the values seem small, bear in mind that drops are quite abundant; and even though your items' new sale prices are still only a fraction of their purchase prices, the new percentages will often make your sale prices two or three times higher than the unmodified prices when selling magic and unique items. This makes a big--yet balanced--difference late in the game.

This mod has been tuned and tested to ensure it is not exploitable with the Barter skill. Even with max Barter, you will never be able to sell an item to a vendor for a price higher than its purchase price. There are a handful of items that can be sold to a vendor for a price equal to its purchase price with max Barter, but these are all low level items (i.e., minor health potions and Level 1 equipment that can only be bought as sold for 20 gold with max Barter).

The mod folder has a spreadsheet containing the calculations made to make this mod work. The spreadsheet is in no way essential to the functioning of the mod and can be deleted. This spreadsheet has been included only in case anyone is inclined to see the numbers and have something to work with if they desire to edit this mod on their own. The details and meanings of the numbers aren't included because it would take too much time to explain and isn't too hard to follow if you're determined to figure it out; but it's worth noting that the bold numbers are the new Y values for the graphs.

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