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Archanoth's Torchlight Overhaul v1.11


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Archanoth's Torchlight Overhaul v1.11

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  • Author Archanoth
  • Uploaded 08-05-2011, 07:12 AM
  • Last Updated 11-27-2011, 03:05 PM
  • Category Conversions (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 4839


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Archanoth’s Torchlight Overhaul v1.11

WARNING: Due to the amount and nature of the changes, it is highly recommended to play this mod without any other mods (except cosmetic).

Archanoth’s Torchlight Overhaul (ATO) is a large-scale mod for Torchlight, aiming to rebalance the game, changing and improving several game mechanics, while making the game more challenging for players.

Version History:
February 16th 2011 – Version 1.0 released.
February 19th 2011 – Version 1.01 released.
November 6th 2011 – Version 1.10 released.
November 27th 2011 – Version 1.11 released.

- Reduced Heal’s healing amount to 110% of the Destroyer’s base health for each character level and increased cooldown to 15 seconds (and debuff duration to 30 seconds).
- Reintroduced Max Mana and Mana Steal affixes for items and removed the Mana Recharge affix.
- Some buff potions’ effects were condensed into fewer potions so that now every potion is useful and desirable for each character.
- Potion of Urgency II and III now no longer drop.
- Several spawnclasses were altered to correct some mistakes and adjust item drop rates.
- Passive skill affixes were buffed to make them better and more interesting choices.
- Reduced base mana regen rate from 6.5 to 6 (per second).
- Rebalanced two-handed weapon base damage to make them approximately 40-50% stronger than one-handed weapons.

- Rebalanced the stat graph values for XP/fame/prices/etc.
- Rebalanced several Destroyer, Alchemist and Vanquisher skills (damage, cost, cooldown) and changed skill tier positions and unlock levels for several skills.
- All class-exclusive active damage skills are now mainly based on a percentage of weapon damage.
- Rebalanced various spawnclasses to adjust item rarity.
- Increased base mana regen from 5 to 6.5 per second.
- Reduced Heal’s cooldown and added a 20 second damage debuff.
- Made Potion of Urgency into a 3-rank potion with the corresponding transmutation recipes and lowered the pet town travel time reduction percentage.
- Changed the main dungeon to scale monster level to the current floor level.
- Rebalanced all base weapons and made 2-handed weapons approximately 25% stronger than 1-handed weapons.
- Nerfed some specific monsters’ stats, including Dark Zealots, Dragonkin, Skeleton Warriors, Ordrak, etc.
- Fish rarity and spawnclasses have been changed to make fish drop throughout the game, spawn a small amount in the general merchant’s inventory and make permanent fish drops/spawns more frequent.
- Gems have been revamped in a similar fashion to Gale’s Gem Overhaul. Now all gems are Ember Gems (renamed from Chaos Gems), have no rank and spawn with 1-8 affixes, most of which are percentage values between 1 and 5%.
- Nerfed several of the possible pet transformations to improve game balance.
- Made every relevant consumable stack up to 50.
- Changed XP/gold/fame/item rewards for several quests.

- Changed item rarity values (for Normal, Magic and Unique items).
- Set the rarity of all spells to 0.
- Rebalanced base weapon damage for all weapons and armor/block chance for shields.
- Reduced character level scaling percentage for skills.
- Adjusted the damage/mana cost/cooldown values of some skills.
- Altered the stack size and rarity of every new potion.
- Improved the Destroyer's starting gear.
- Removed the upscaled monster/champion armor stat graphs.
- Nerfed Corrupted Brink.
- Rebalanced treasure spawnclasses in order to make weapons, armor and potions rarer.
- Fixed Ember Shield bug (thanks to Dusho for detecting it).

Main Changes/Additions:
• The skill system has been reworked, each class having a skill tree with 3 tabs: Active (class-exclusive active skills), Passive (shared passive skills) and Shared (shared spell skills).
• Spells are no longer obtainable, since most of the spells have been converted to skills (located in the Shared skill tree tab).
• Potion spam is out of the game. Now the main way to heal is through the Heal skill, available from level 1. The amount of healing scales with level and the skill has a 15 second cooldown.
• Mana has a static value of 100 for every character of every level, with a fast regeneration rate, and all skills have been rebalanced with this change in mind, making resource management an important aspect of the gameplay.
• Scrolls of Town Portal and Identify are now obsolete. Instead, you use the Identify and Town Portal skills, available from level 1 in the Shared skill tree tab.
• Healing and Mana potions are also obsolete. In replacement, several new potions have been added, temporarily boosting several stats, such as health, mana, attributes, gold/magic find, etc.
• Fish now drop normally in the game, and are transmutable, along with most of the newly introduced potions.
• The enchanting system has been rebalanced. Now enchants through the NPC are more expensive, each item can only be enchanted up to 3 times, and the disenchant chance has been removed.
• Overall game balance has been improved, resulting in a theoretically harder game experience.
• Economy balance has been changed, making gold more easily obtained, although prices are higher.
• Loot drops are rarer now, and more items drop from chests.
• Rare and Unique items are slightly more common.
• Weapon and armor stat balance has been improved, notably shields and 2-handed weapons.
• Several common mod additions are included, such as a more visible auto-map, skill and stat respec potions and the Ferret pet.

Skill System Overview:
• 3 skill tree tabs: Active, Passive, Shared.
o Active: Contains all class-exclusive active skills.
? Divided in 6 tiers, which unlock at levels 2, 3, 6, 10, 15 and 21.
? All class-exclusive skills now have different rank numbers, according to the skill type:
• Offensive Active Skills – 10 ranks.
• Defensive Active Skills – 5 ranks.
• Buff Skills – 5 ranks.
• Summon Skills – 5 ranks.
o Passive: Contains all shared passive skills.
? Passives have been redesigned, allowing for a total of 9 passive skills, down from the original 15. Each passive has been made more useful and was carefully balanced.
? Passives have 10 ranks each.
? All passives are available from level 3.
o Shared: Contains all shared spell skills.
? Contains a total of 18 skills.
? Each of the skills in this tree is a redesigned version of actual spells from the original Torchlight.
? Heal, Identify and Town Portal are 1 rank skills, available from level 1.
? All remaining skills are available from level 2 and have 5 ranks each.
• Every skill is reasonably level-gated, preventing players from leveling up a skill too quickly and making each build skillset overall more consistent in terms of efficiency.
• Every skill that needs rank-independent scaling now scales with character level, and in various cases, an attribute (Strength, Dexterity, Magic or Defense).

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