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Kaptain's Class Overhaul Merger - KCOM


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Kaptain's Class Overhaul Merger - KCOM

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NEW in v1.0.1! Renamed to be less obnoxiously long of a title!
NEW! Steam Worshop version HERE (Steam Workshop Link)!

KCOM is a compilation of about 7 separate vanilla skill overhaul mods, to create an all in one stop shop for a vanilla classes rework. Saves on mod slots, and best of all saves on time finding individual class overhauls. They merged together flawlessly with a little elbow grease, and ended up making an amazing compilation, in my humble opinion. It seems the be (as I know of) bug free.

I take no credit for 99% of the work
. All I did was spend an evening learning how to use GUTS and DuckDuckGoing around to find tools to edit some RAW files. If you like my merge, feel free to go thank the original authors on their Steamworkshop or Torchlight Fansite pages and thank them. All links to mods used are in the description, with suggested mods to compliment this one toward the buttom.

1. Classes may feel over powered! This will make classes (and by extension class mods which use vanilla skills) much better than vanilla. Use this with a difficulty enhancing mod(s), to counter act the general buffs+reworks these mods include. I play with SynergiesMOD on Elite, and things feel mildly challenging without being impossible.

Additionally, PLEASE don't upload this on Steam Workshop! My own Steam Workshop version can be found here (Steam Workshop Link)!

3. Load this high in the load order. Other class altering mods (like SynergiesMOD) will overwrite these skills changes!

1. "Tiered Passives (v.9)" by shortswordsmanfromthewest (Steam Workshop Link)

2. "Complete Berserker Overhaul (v.471)" by jkaplow21 (Steam Workshop Link)

3. "Embermage Leveled-Damage Mod (v.5)" by chburres (Steam Workshop Link)

4. "Outlander Rebalance (v.33)" by Korgran (Steam Workshop Link)

5. "Engineered Engineer (v.3)" by Michael (Steam Workshop Link)
-This here is a compilation of three other engineer mods, which I'll list here to save you a click:
-5.a. "Added Skills for Engineers" by doudley (Steam Workshop Link), which was broken in my merging process, but causes no known issues.
-5.b. "Engineer Versatility" by Khenal (Steam Workshop Link)
-5.c. "Improved Engineer Summons" by Charlie Cyprus (Steam Workshop Link)

1. "SynergiesMOD (v.1337)" by Salan (Steam Workshop Link)
This'll increase the difficulty of the game by a large margin. It's the typical "gold standard" of merged mod compilations.
-1.a. If not, try "Raxz's Gameplay Tweaks (v.6)" by Raxz. (Steam Workshop Link)
It includes similar tweaks to difficulty scaling, loot, affixes, and spawns. It keeps monsters a challenge without as many of the incompatibilities SynergiesMOD can bring.

2. "Parallel Classes" by Viz (Torchlight Fansite Link)
To quote Viz, " Now, you might be thinking.. what's the point of playing a class that uses skills from the original 4 classes? I would say that some people may found them to be enjoyable. In addition, since these classes are using vanilla skills, they are usually much more balanced than other custom classes." Running with that thought, class mods using vanilla skills are affected by skill overhauls (like this one), with interesting results. They compliment each other well, and this merge was made with it Parallel Classes as my motivation.

3. "All Runic Games mods in one plus (v.9)" by dskfiemnenenfbdjfdfdsfdsf (Steam Workshop Link)
It's a great addition to any play through. This is a merge of all of the Runic Games dev team's mods released (i.e. Blank's Landmarks, 8 Player Multiplayer, ect.). It also includes "bugfix (v.4)" by zParticle (Steam Workshop Link) (fixes a good amount of bugs) and "Unlock and Buy All Spells" by doudley (Steam Workshop Link) (restores and reintegrates some unused spells to the game).

Thanks for reading, if you made it through my walls of text. ^^ If any of the mod authors wish me to take this down, let me know. In the mean time, I'm stuck asking permission via discussion threads (can't comment since I play through family library sharing). Enjoy!

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