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Mod Description
Far East Pack Plus, or FEP+ , is another mod pack made out of self enjoyment. It is based on the renown Far East Pack 1 and Far East Pack 2 mod made by the team of talented modders : Zyph, Foldar, Epoch, Minesweeper, Vash, Spawn and Roalith. All credit goes to them for their brilliant piece of work.

Far East Pack 1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=170299996
Far East Pack 2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=193078054

Kindly visit the mod pages and rate the mods, as a form of appreciation towards their work. The aim of this mod pack is to (hopefully) fix most bugs that were left behind, while resolving conflict that may arise when played together with Variant Classes mod.

A small note : I do not recommend using save files from other version of Far East mods to play with this mod. Even if you successfully unbind the save files, most of your items may be lost because of the changes to the file structure in this mod.

Current version - v11

(October 28th 2018)

Skill changes

- Change some skill placement in the UI to reflect the skill tree correctly.
- The Way of Earth : Removed Shield requirement due to an exploit. Removed aggro effect. Attack speed and cast speed penalty is reduced. Knockback resist now available earlier and increases at each tier. Armor bonuses are replaced with damage reduction. Added skill particle.
- The Way of Fire : Removed base physical damage. Tier bonuses are rearranged accordingly. Added skill particle.
- The Way of Water : Physical damage penalty is increased. Skill particle is renewed.
- Side Kick : Skill is replaced with a new skill called Vicious Slash.
- Bloody Bounty : Buff duration starts at 15 sec, each skill level increases the duration by 2 sec. Tier 1 now reduce skill cooldown by 5 sec, however subsequent tier no longer reduces cooldown.
- Focused Damage : Now correctly displays actual damage instead of bloated value. Buff duration is increased, cooldown is reduced to 15 sec.
- Storm Blade : Skill is replaced with a new skill called Primal Strength. 
- Cold Steel : Skill is replaced with a new skill called Emberize.
- Rage of the Earth : Cooldown is reduced to 4 sec. Tier 3 magma bursts are reduced to 7, but will spawn in a much closer area rather than spread out. Burned enemies will take significant damage, around half of the skill's dps.
- Falling Strike : Skill is replaced with a new skill called Cold Burst.
- Quick Slash : Has 0.5 sec cooldown

(October 14th 2018)

General changes
- Fixed an issue that caused Ronin charge bar to deplete way too slow. That was unintentional, sorry. 
- Corrected Ninja's Blizzard animation setting so that it would appear regardless of weather settings.
- Fixed a skill conflict between Monster Hunter and Red Mage.
- Fixed an issue that prevented some high level weapon to be found as a loot. 
- Corrected level 15 affixes for Ronin's The Way of Fire.

Skill changes

- Charge bar : Removed Full Heal as it is too overpowered. Increase dodge chance to 25%. damage taken reduced by 25%. The charge bar will charge faster than before but depletes faster as well.
- The Way of Fire : Dual wield damage bonus is replaced with physical damage bonus. Tier 1 effect is replaced with critical chance. Tier 2 will give bonus to fire damage. Tier 3 effect is replaced with critical damage, and burn chance is removed. Armor reduction is increased.
- Deadly Focus : Mana recovery is replaced with charge decay rate bonus.
- The Way of Water : Cast speed bonus is replaced with charge rate bonus. Ice and Electric damage bonus are doubled and available earlier.
- The Way of Earth : Tier 2 effect is reduced. Added slight movespeed reduction.
- The Way of Air : Tier 1 effect is reduced. Tier 2 effect is increased.
- Frozen River : Restricted to melee weapon only.
- Sturdy : Replace physical armor with max hp.
- Find Weakness : Restricted to ranged weapon, new effects.
- The Way of Hermit : Reduced movespeed reduction.
- Bleeder : Tier 1 effect is reduced.
- Unnatural Reflex/Unstoppable Force : Allows any weapon.
- Battle Ready : Restricted to melee weapon only.
- Focused Damage : Allows any weapon, cooldown is decreased to 45 sec. Duration starts at 10 sec, increases by 1 sec at each skill level. Damage bonus is reduced.
- Dull Pain : Increased buff duration, damage reduction and damage penalty. Cooldown remains at 60 sec across all levels.
- Rage of The Earth : Cooldown is reduced to 5 sec, mana cost is increased.
- Raging Inferno : Manacost is reduced by 50%, cooldown is set to 1 sec.
- Sweeping Fire : Increased DPS%, removed fire damage.

- Charge bar : Added 10% damage bonus. Adjusted mana cost reduction from 50% to 25%
- Mastermind : Cast speed bonus is replaced with charge rate bonus.
- Dragon's Breath : Mana cost is reduced
- Thunder Clap : Mana cost is reduced
- Water Drown : Mana cost is reduced 
- Blizzard : Mana cost is reduced

- Enabled all basic hairstyles, hair colors and face options to every Far East classes.
- Fixed a bug which causes certain skills to give out excess skill points upon respec.
- Fixed a bug which causes some weapons to crash the game upon attacking.
- Corrected a bunch of file conflict between pack 1 and 2.
- Attempting to fix stat crash bug which occurs when assigning stats.
- Rework and rebalance many skills of Far East classes. (currently only Kensei, Ninja and Ronin were fully reworked, the rest of the classes were slightly edited)
- Compatible with Variant Classes mod.

Item changes
- Rarity of weapons reworked. e.g Nodachi is now mostly all Unique quality, the Rare counterparts has been entirely removed.
- Adjusted stat requirement for nearly every Far East weapon ; it is now closer to vanilla items.
- More stat variation between Far East weapons e.g different attack speed or damage type
- Reworked affixes on Far East weapons to be less OP.
- New name and description for some weapons. e.g Floating Fist Sword Style is renamed to Blade Style for simplicity purpose. Some skill description are corrected to reflect this changes.

Alternative download link
Steam version : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...?id=1281728074

Many thanks to steffire3
Be aware that the Steam version may not have the latest update.

Google Drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_8G3mvor-mw8pUmVjXbF_kxa7m1D6Y5I/view

Please report back if you found any issue when playing this mod. Leave your reply here.

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