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TLHC: Torchlight Hardcore UPDATED V.2


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TLHC: Torchlight Hardcore UPDATED V.2

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  • Author 00face
  • Uploaded 09-14-2012, 01:14 PM
  • Last Updated 09-18-2012, 01:45 AM
  • Category Compilations (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 10010


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Updated, just download and play

Added Frostmourne weapon by liakad.

Bug Fix

Removed mod data files from mod directory. Again, sorry about that.
Fixed compatibility with spiders caverns and other mods.
Removed junk .7z files left over from modding.


Q: My game crashes on startup?
A1: Clear you cache everytime before loading the game:
or Runic Hotspot can do this
A2: Please remove previous saves and cloud data from previous Torchlight 1 games.

Torchlight Hardcore Mods V.2
Authors: Various
Mod Pack Compiler: 00face
Contact: steam-: 00face

Many thanks and credits to:
99229922, 5hassay, AdAstra, Arkham, Akindin, Attack Gorilla, croissant, ctstalker, Deaemon, earpp, Didero, DoctorT, Dusho, Ehb, Exit,
Fhaarkas, Fhaarkas, Hopeseeker, Krissgjeng, Hyzenthlay1701, Irrelevant, jdowling, Juno, LarvaLounge, Lenor, ljmdj, Milkshake, Mniver, MysteryBBG, Ouroboros,
pampl, Phanjam, PuceMoose, SixshotOverdrive, Slycan, tintangel, trent44, Velari, Vendetta, VersusForward, Wayback, Liakad, Lothario, FederalNickel,
valdr, Object, ZebraMatt, Zik, Zulu, Zym the Odd, zozaman, BanalityDUFF, Claymore, Cloud Sculptor, DANG!, Drimacus, Etna, heron, KelinTor
Frederal Nickel, Lathlas, Miniver, DoctorT, multimple, N3mes1S, Neversober, Omunall, Reznik, skeleton, SorrySoldOut, Others, SixshotOverdrive,
Rusty, Spacepirate, Teddy1983, Velari, WrongWay, ... ? please let me know if I missed you ? & Me 00face

To install Torchlight Hardcore Mod Pack unzip Torchlight_Hardcore_Mods_V1.0.7z into your Torchlight mod folder.

The location of your mods folder should be different depending on your OS:
In Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/{your user name}/Application Data/Runic Games/Torchlight/mods
In Windows Vista/Windows 7: C:/Users/{your user name}/AppData/Roaming/runic games/torchlight/mods
In Mac OS X: \Users\{your user name}\Library\Application Support\runic games\torchlight\mods

TLHC Description
This is "hardcore" collection of mods that have been hacked, editing or changed to play well together. This set makes Torchlight more roguelike in the style of Powerder &/or Dungeoncrawl Stone Soup. If you beat the game you will be more than a hero and rise to the class of a legend. You can die on any level due to the game now being what I attest to being a now 100% unpredictable roguelike. Targeted primarily to play with hardcore mode on only, and it is highly recommended to do so for the full intended experience. Though it won't break anything if you don't XD.

You will encounter monsters of new types each play, with any weapons, skills or spells you can wield or be the master of. Face against champion, legendary, quest, rare type monsters and more.

The town has been expanded, allowing access for adventure in new areas, as well as many new shop keepers, and side quests. With this expansion you should be able to create a character in the play-style of your desire, without having to sacrifice to much. Not only that, but the new areas of town offer many new quests as well.

Gameplay has been heavily expanded and scaled. You max at 999, which allows you to gain the power to fight newly found formidable foes. Your items, equipment, spells, gems have also been upgraded, expanded or refined. You can now find just about any variety of weapon or spell to fit your needs. There are 100's of new weapons and affixes now, with near if not infinite possibilities.

I've added one new class in this pack for selection, the most complete in my opinion, the Valkrie II class. A female melee fighter. This pack also includes the pet Ferret as a selection for your new adventures. In addition, the Vanquisher and Destroyer class have custom skins in the folders CheetarahModII and BloodySamson, feel free to remove them if you want other skins or the originals.

Lastly again, thank you all mod developers who without we would not have this great pack. Happy gaming everyone, die well.

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