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Solitude Ruins


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Solitude Ruins

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  • Author akindain
  • Uploaded 04-13-2012, 08:19 PM
  • Last Updated 05-13-2012, 01:22 PM
  • Category Compilations (TL1)
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Hello all, I would like to present my first mod for Torchlight!*

Solitude Ruins - this is the first of a long list of things I plan on adding but they will all revolve around this new 'Hub" city, and will all be included here in 1 single mod

To start off I wanted to thank all of the people that made the guides and videos that got me to understand TorchED.

To start this mod all you need to do is go to the Torchlight graveyard and talk to the 'mysterious merchant' and buy the scroll for 1 gold ( will be changed in future ). *It will transport you to Solitude and there you can do most things just like in the normal town but with a few changes and additions.

================================================== ==========

Extract Contents of Archive to "%appdata%\runic games\torchlight\mods"
Delete any early versions of this mod!*

================================================== ==========

The mods that follow are the ones i have installed and everything seems to be running as it should. the more i try and test they will be added.*
If you have any mods not listed and this mod works with it 'PLEASE' let me know so I can add it to the list*
--Champions Mod

================================================== ==========

Current Version = 1.4*
You will need to have the following 2 mods installed to make this work*
Town Props pack
Cliffside Outdoor Tileset 1.1.0

V1.1 changelog*
--added waypoint portal to get back and forth to torchlight : this fixes the quest freeze when entering the area again from the scroll sold by mysterious merchant
--put scroll back to one use only
--made it so you you have to do the intro part 1 to get Dante in solitude to show up (just kill the 4 creaturs part before even going into the mines)
--Finished town layout: new areas are the graveyard and the new shop area in each of the bottom corners*
--added stairs to get to the 2 new areas
--7 NPC's added: 5 are for ppl with MerchantPack, Custom Hatch NPC, 1 stash chest Guard
-- Fixed an issue with the portals once turned on and upon returning to solitude the particals dissapered

V1.2 changelog
--43 new quest items in 8 new spawnclasses
--8 custom hatch quests with new npc
--Ashen Keep: 10 lvls with 4 new quests
--Ashen Keep portal locarion near stash chests*
--added spot for a retirement character
--added npcs and portal for shadow vault into graveyard ( wip - need to change their text yet)
--fixed quest completes for ashenkeep, hatchquester Dante, main quest for solitude
--added 20 altered stat graphes if you dont like these just delete the 'graphes' folder from this mod


V1.3 changelog

Now includes these mods*
- New icons
- Merchant Pack

Graveyard teleport/npc - deleted till i figure out how to enable Shadow vault before game is complete.

Made the 7 portal areas 5 floors + mini boss. they were 1 floor + mini boss.

Merchants in solitude now match the ones in torchlight baced on the spawn tables in Merchant Pack

8 new npc's have been added around Solitude4 will get quests later

90+ new icons !!!

21 buff chips for physical, mmagical, mixed bonus - counted as scrolls*
(little 10 sec buffs you can spam if you have the money to do it while your out killing)

5 Chaos stone socketable upgrades only for necklaces
10%-50% to burn, freeze, poison, and shock

29 potions*
4 respec potions: regain 25 points from given stat
4 cast speed pots: +25-55% for 60 seconds
4 player spped pots: +20-50% for 60 seconds
4 attack speed pots: +25-55% for 60 seconds
2 xp potions: +50% and +100% xp for 1 hour
5 new hp pots: lvl 25+, drops from lvl 36+ dungeons
5 new mana pots: lvl 25+, drops from lvl 36+ dungeons*
1 pet food:+0-100% pet armor, health, damage, and velocity for 5 min

22 Necklaces : 3 types*
See the included readme for more details

V1.4 changelog

--changed the loop style to loop for 4 of the portals to make them the same as rest.
--moved the ashen keep portal down to Magnus and moved him over a bit.
--fixed a naming issue where my ragnar zombie was showing up in dungeons...lol
--changed the offset for mob levels in the new 7 portal areas and Ashen Keep
--changed the wording of some of my added quests

as I learn more and mess around More will be added to this mod hope you enjoy your stay in Solitude.

Comments, questions, requests for help always welcome HERE

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