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The Double Agent


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The Double Agent

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  • Author DarkStar
  • Uploaded 01-04-2015, 02:39 AM
  • Last Updated 08-19-2018, 06:33 AM
  • Category Classes: New (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 5228


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This is the non-steam version of my Double Agent class.
You can find the steam version here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=233076807

The Double Agent is a new custom class focusing on close combat and tanking. Nobody knows who the Double Agent works for, as he fits the role of a honest duelist as well as that of a dastardly lowlife, when he's not a sword for hire.

The Double Agent does not have a charge bar. Instead, he has a fatigue bar, indicating how much he's straining his body. If the fatigue bar fills to his max, the Double Agent becomes exhausted, moving and attacking very slowly, and unable to perform most skills. To avoid this, the Double Agent has three skills that empty the fatigue bar completely and confer him temporary buffs, proportioned to the amount of fatigue consumed in the process. The more he's willing to risk, the greater the rewards.

The skills trees are as follows:

1 - Duelist
A duelist knows all the techniques needed to slice any enemy in his field of view, regardless of range or armor. Even if it's not a fair one-on-one the Double Agent always has the right skill for any situation.

2 - Mercenary
When someone needs a bodyguard, no one's better than the Double Agent. Shield and armor are brothers in arms and greatly enhance his survivability, but the Double Agent is also crafty and knows a thing or two about alchemy, making the most of all the metal he carries on his shoulders.

3 - Bandit
Don't expect the Double Agent to break his neck just because there are monsters around. He knows some of the most dastardly tricks you could learn in a poorly-lit back alley and he somehow manages to become filthy rich with the least possible effort.

Note on passive effects:
While vanilla Berserkers and Engineers receive 25% less damage by default, the Double Agent only receives 15% less damage. But, to make up for this, he also has a 15% permanent physical armor bonus so having the best physical defense at all times is top priority when playing this class.

This mod adds the following items:
30 new skills
All new particle effects for said skills
Textures for said particle effects
30 new skill icons
Various UI elements
New class icons
New textures for the basic look of the class when no armor is equipped.
3 unique item sets restricted to the Double Agent Class with new textures
1 unique sword with new textures

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