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Archanoth's Warlock V1.01


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Archanoth's Warlock V1.01

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  • Author Archanoth
  • Uploaded 07-17-2010, 06:54 AM
  • Last Updated 07-23-2010, 02:48 AM
  • Category Classes (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 3560


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Hey everyone! This is my first "big" mod project for Torchlight, so I'm open to any constructive criticism, suggestions, advice and opinions.
This mod adds the Warlock class to the game, a class of the caster archetype, somewhat influenced by the Warlock from WoW and the Necromancer from Diablo II.
It should be mostly bug-free, polished and balanced, but since this is the first version, it's subject to updates in the future.


-- 3 completely new skill trees, each focusing on a different play style:
  • Agony: This skill tree specializes in DoT (Damage over Time), crowd control, curse/debuff and healing/regen skills.
  • Domination: This skill tree specializes in summoning, buffing and defensive skills.
  • Chaos: This skill tree specializes in burst and AoE skills, mainly of the Fire element.

-- 41 new skills distributed throughout the 3 skill trees:
  • 30 active skills (9 in Agony, 12 in Domination, 9 in Chaos)
  • 11 fully new passives exclusive to the Warlock - Demonic Masteries (5 passive skills) and Demonic Gifts (6 passive skills)

-- New skin, hair and starting armor visuals for the Warlock. Also included is a Flame Wand as the starter weapon.

-- Particle effects reworked for 20 of the active skills.

-- New modified/recolored icons for the Warlock and his skills.

  • This mod is divided in 2 separate mods: Warlock (Character) and Warlock (Skills), to avoid the animation/texture bug of the character model, previously experienced in Asmodeo's Demonologist Class. Both mods MUST be installed at the same time for this mod to work properly.
  • This mod is called "Archanoth's Warlock" and not "Warlock", to avoid conflict with Jadewah's WIP Class, also called Warlock (see link below for more information).


v1.0 - 25/02/2010:
- Mod is released!

v1.01 - 26/02/2010:
- Unholy Restoration maximum rank values adjusted.
- Demonic Gift: Hunger - HP/Mana steal values changed into percentages, HP/Mana regen values increased/decreased, respectively.
- Soul Drain - damage, slow and regen contribution from stats increased, damage slightly decreased, slow debuff fixed.
- Firebolt, Incineration, Chains of Hell and Fel Shards damage increased.
- Fel Disease buffed.

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