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[CLASS] Halloween Witch v1.1


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[CLASS] Halloween Witch v1.1

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  • Author Vkoslak
  • Uploaded 10-31-2014, 08:20 PM
  • Last Updated 10-07-2018, 11:43 AM
  • Category Classes (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 2464


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Here is my Halloween Witch class I have been working on.

This is a new character with all new mesh, rigged to the Vanquisher skeleton.
In creating this I tried to keep the model realistic proportioned. Toward this goal, my wife was my reference model. The arms, legs and neck were stretched to fit the skeleton, but the rest of the proportions are as close as I could make them. My wife had final approval on all armor sets.

NOTE: This mod is very polygon heavy. I have tested it on what I consider ancient computers and it played pretty decent.

v1.1 10/07/2018
Removed edge lists from meshes resulting in smaller file size.

v1.0 03/31/2016
Added Gunslinger Set armor.
Updated some bone weights for existing armors.
Added Witch specific armor icons.
Fixed missing textures on dropped items.
Created new drop meshes for all shoulders and all helmets except gunslinger helmet.

v0.6 02/09/2016
Added Assassin Set armor.
Updated a lot of the bone weights for better animation.
Updated the base body texture and some armor textures.
Fixed some UV issues. Buckled armor still has the UV map swapped on the arms.

v0.5 05/16/2015
Added Valkyrie Set armor.
Metal texture used in the armor set is from here: http://www.quaveda.com/2012/01/01/co...with-textures/

v0.4 03/11/2015
Added Shadow Set armor.

v0.3 11/29/2014
Added Heavy Plate Set armor.
Removed unused files from wardrobe directory.
I was going for a segmented armor approach. It works fairly well, except it looks a little off during the "fidget" animation. I may come back and mess with the weight painting on the chest armor to make it less strange.

v0.2 11/22/2014
Added Plate Set armor.
Metal texture used in the armor set is from here: http://aarondesign.deviantart.com/ar...ture-137545405

First Beta release.
v0.1 10/31/2014
Six armors are functional. (starting, leather, heavy leather, spiked, buckled, chain)
One new weapon was added (pumpkin staff)
New music for intro

Body mesh sometimes shows through cape mesh on chain armor.
Part of the intro music is too quiet and the background noises cover it up.


I'm going to move on to modding Torchlight 2, incorporating what I have learned from working on this mod. I feel like my armors were all over the place style wise. That I didn't maintain a good motif throughout the design. Now that I am more comfortable with Blender, I should be able to have better UV maps and a lower polygon count on my next mod.

I wanted to create new skills. Specifically, one that makes clones of the witch for a short period of time to act as decoys. I was going to call it "Which Witch".

This model is released under Creative Commons License, Attribution 4.0
It is strictly prohibited for use in anything containing:

Racism and hatred instigation.
War promotion.
Cruelty toward animals.
Political and religious propaganda.
Outlawed and unethical behavior encouragement.

Feel free to give me constructive feedback, or things you would like to see. I'd love to hear what you think.

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