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Banshee Class V0.9a


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Banshee Class V0.9a

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  • Author Udinbak
  • Uploaded 07-20-2010, 06:25 PM
  • Last Updated 11-12-2010, 11:14 PM
  • Category Classes (TL1)
  • Total Downloads 15759


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Banshee Class Mod v0.9a

The Banshee is a feared harbinger of death. Her wailing forebodes unspeakable horrors.
Drawing on her spectral essense infused with ember, she is both physical and ethereal, a beautifull woman and terrifying apparition. Swift and deadly, she is a force to be reckoned with.

If you wish to integrate Banshee class with Jarcho's Class Compilation mod, download this file and follow the instructions. [v1.2 now includes tier 3 armor]

If you wish to integrate Banshee class with Darkfirebird's class/pet compilation mod, download this file and follow the instructions.

Udinbak's Pet mod (75pets) has now been seperated from the Banshee Class Mod and can be found here:

BleachMad's Death Maiden class - a variation of the banshee - can be downloaded here and is fully compatible with the banshee and JCC patch's

Please rememeber to let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions/advice/unwarranted praise ;p
Constructive critisism will always be taken into consideration for future updates.

This is my first mod, so I'm going to release updates as often as I feel a new feature is ready, and/or as bugs are fixed. I don't want to make the mistake of releasing a large update, only to find more bugs than I can track down.
I wanted to give a feeling of otherworldy speed and power, a death dealing phantom if you will.

Fast run speed. plus extended reach.
3 unique level 25 custom skills- Banshee Aura, Pandora's Box & Wailing Banshees (more skills to come)
14 skills per tab.
All tier 1 skills start at level 1. (9 skills)
Starting gold set to 999999999 (since I hate having to worry about gold, you can change this in the /media/units/players/banshee/banshee.dat file if you wish)

At the moment I need feedback so I can balance the class, it may even be similar to existing mods so any feedback will be appreciated. I plan on adding custom skills once I've figured how, and the finished class will end up with all three tabs completely filled.

Known issues & upcoming features:
The 2 new passive sikills (Strike Terror & Spectral Escape) still don't quite work as intended. I'll leave this version here untill I've found a solution.

Since I am using existing skills, and since I simply put them in the skills tabs in different rows, the level requirements to raise the skill level from 1 to 2 will be related to it's origional row/tier. However to raise the skill from 0 to 1 requires a level relevent to the row it currently occupies(ie. 5/10/15/20/25 depending on it's tier). I'll have to figure out how to change that, although I'm also interested to find out how the dynamics actually play out as people level up. It might be something worth keeping or adapting, depending on the feedback. I'll be adding custom skills, changing existing skills for a more class orientated custom equivalent, as well as moving them around for balance as I receive feedback. I'll also be updating and finalizing her body skin for v1, trying work out how to make her actually scream like a banshee, as well as customising the armor in further updates.

I will be adding features over the next few weeks, be sure so check often for updates as they are released.

v0.9a :-
Added item support for Death Maiden - no other changes made.
v0.9 :-
New Look.
Replaced ember lance skill with new passive.
More attempted fixes on the 2 level 25 passive skills (though I'm still not entirely sure they work as intended)
Other minor adjustments/fixes.
v0.8.13 :-
Combined Barter, Adventurer and Treasure Hunter skills
Removed 3 passive skills introduced in v0.8.12
Added 2 New Level 25 Passive Skills. (which still don't work quite as intended)
Minor tweeks
v0.8.12 :-
Added 3 passive level 25 skills. (these will be changed, i'm exploring passive skill possibilities)
Pets Mod removed from Banshee Mod. Released as a standalone Mod. [http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/dow...o=file&id=494]
Other minor adjustments.
v0.8.11 :-
More bug fixes, trying to consolodate skills and ensure they work correctly before futher customization.
'Infuse' replaced with 'frost Pilum' while I figure out how to make it work.
'Ember Phase' renamed 'Spectral Phase'.
Further attempts at balancing.
Minor graphics tweeks on some skills
v0.8.10 :-
Added fish vendor for custom pets near fishing spot in town.
Minor adjustments to skills.
Major work on code. Correcting errors/bugs/etc. If you have been lucky, you won't notice much of a difference., If you've been unlucky, you will find the custom skills work as intended.
v0.8.9 :-
Wailing Banshees, Banshee Aura and Pandora's box can now no longer be used symultaneously.
5 more pets added via fish. fish vendor will be added by v0.9
Skills overhaul. some skills nerfed/adjusted +minor reshuffling in tabs.
cooldown added to banshee aura for now.
Rough attempt at balancing skills. much more work to be done.
Minor fixes.
v0.8.7 :-
More modifications to skill trees. 'Summon Blood Skeleton" replaced with "Summon Imp".
Some modifcations to 'Padora's Box', 'Banshee Aura' & 'Wailing Banshees'.
Added 'Thorned Minions', 'Infused' &'Seismic Burst'
Minor adjustments.

Delete any previous versions of this mod from your mods directory.

Extract "banshee" folder from the rar file into your mods folder, which is usually
[Drive]:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\torchlight\mods

Make sure to delete your mod cache before running the game with this mod for the first time. This will help prevent conflicts between mods.
To do so, simply delete these files
[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\\torchlight\mods\mods.dat
[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\\torchlight\mods\mods.dat.adm
[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\\torchlight\massfile.dat
[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\\torchlight\massfile.dat.adm
[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\\torchlight\masterresourceunits.dat
[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\\torchlight\masterresourceunits.dat.adm
[User Name]\Application Data\runic games\\torchlight\resourceconfig.dat

This mod is not designed to be used in conjunction with any other charactor mod and will conflict with the charactor creation screen. You can add this class to your existing charactor creation layout if you wish. A patch for Jarcho's Class Compilation and DFBs Class Compilation mod can be found the the top of this page.

Due to adult content restrictions, the origional Banshee skin could not be included in this rar file.
The origional skin can be found at the url specified in the readme file.
Simply replace the "clean" version which can be found here- mods\Banshee\media\models\banshee\body.png
You can preview the Mature version here:


I need feedback in order to improve and develope this Class Mod. I'll do the best I can, but one mans opinion does not make a balanced class.

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