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    Stream Summary Video - Patch 4 - Contracts

    This is the comments thread for a news post. You can view it in its original form by clicking here!


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    Re: Stream Summary Video - Patch 4 - Contracts

    heyya @Fox ! Will ask questions in the discord instead. For now just wanna say it's great your posting here as well hope to keep seeing more TLF stuff from you!

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    Re: Stream Summary Video - Patch 4 - Contracts

    <.< >.> That feeling when you read a 5 month old message. Rip. I'm going to try to keep up with this site more. I was overdoing things with the comic + doing videos + modding, and it led to burnout. Going to try to get back into everything but the comics, and maybe the comics will have a place in the future.

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